My Way David

By Jo Phillips

David Beckham is not shy of attention and certainly not shy of making a statement; remember when he wore a sarong? He is no different when it comes to his fragrances always created with his own self in mind, he says ” “Throughout my life and my career, I’ve just tried to make decisions that were right for me. To be honest, not everyone backed my choices, but that’s not what matters. What’s important is that I backed myself every step of the way.” Northing stands more true than with his latest fragrance Bold Instinct EDP which has been added to his perfume collection and features pineapple as a top note. Not necessarily everyman’s choice but he has collaborated with trusted perfumer Jean-Christophe Herault so read about the collaboration and the potion here in My Way David

Perfumer Jean-Christophe Herault grew up in France sitting right near the very centre of the fragrance industry. His father’s work bought him into contact with the perfume industry indirectly (the business involved producing concentrates for perfumery). However, in his teens, there was a big change in his life’s journey. His father gave him his first fragrance, a bottle of Joop for Men, which lite a fuse inside him. Going on to study chemistry his father managed to procure an internship in a laboratory in Grasse, Frances perfume region. His mentor in the fragrance world ended up being legendary Pierre Bourdon but who only agreed to the position if Pierre went on to learn about the wider world of art, culture, literature, cuisine, and even visual art. It is this depth of knowledge that brings freedom to his work, which is bourne out in the perfumes created by him.

Some of his successes including for men by Karl Lagerfeld Florabotanica and Rosabotanica for Balenciaga, and the Exceptions collection for Thierry Mugler.

The word intuitive comes to mind with this fragrance with its unusual set of ingredients as well as free-spirited thinking, that melds perfectly with David Beckham’s approach to his life

You have to be instinctive as well as brave to shout about opening a men’s scent with a deep Peaty Accord, alongside sharp fizzy Pineapple, slightly green and spice Laurel Leaves

Then delve into heat in the heart of this scent, spicey warming Cardamom, Nutmeg, Cinnamon brings a facet of excitement to the mix

But to round, it off find the seductive woods of Patchouli, Ambery Woody Accord, soft sexy Musky Notes melded in harmony.

Maybe a good fragrance is about taking a couple of cool guys and getting them to fly their wild spirits free and just create at will.

Bold Instinct is available at Superdrug and nationwide and online

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