Natural – Not kitten around

By Jo Phillips

You can make a joke about a Brits mother, but don’t even think about making one about their pet. The majority of us love our animals. Their innocence and vulnerability provoke a caring nature in us. They are sweet creatures; they can be intelligent, have their own personalities and make wonderful companions and over the years people are learning to recognise the importance and significance of animals on our planet.

Our connection with animals comes in different forms. From Artistic admiration, for example, George Stubbs and his famous pictures of horses, all the way to changing the way we make our products cruelty-free.

Our bond with our furry, scaley, maybe feathered friends has grown so much that the Wellcome Museum is hosting a beautiful exhibition displaying it. It’s called ‘Making Nature: How we see animals’. The exhibition examines how we feel, think and value other species and the consequences it has on the world around us. It also recognises the importance of animals for things like medicine, which has taken a huge turning point within the last few years. It’s available for everyone to see till the 21st of May. So make sure you get down there before it goes.

Some of us have a mutualistic relationship with animals, British artist Mat Collishaw uses animals to draw inspiration for his art but also helps in an indirect way by getting his message across which is to explore the evil inherent within us all, believing that to face our own demons with honesty might be a step towards making the world a better place that belongs to animals too.

We don’t just look at animals from afar though, we are seeking more ways to help them. It’s been a huge movement in the last few years to become vegan, even some celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Stevie Wonder and Kat Von D who’s also made her beauty products cruelty free and vegan are standing by the movement. Kat isn’t the only one, more companies are branching out to make sure they don’t harm any animal while making amazing products we use every day.

Recently, we had the luxury of receiving ICONIC London’s EVO Contour and Conceal 4 Brush Set that is softer than a cloud brushing against your skin and blended my makeup like no other. Jade Elliot is the founder of the beauty brand that took the extra step when creating their product to be animal cruelty-free and suitable for vegans, giving us that guilt free pleasure when using their products.

Iconic London

Rawgaia is another company that shows their support and appreciation for animals as their products are all cruelty-free, vegan and a little bit softer on us too as it’s all organic. Our favourite product at the moment is the MSM Organic Beauty cream that combines Raw Cacao Butter, Apricot Kernel and Jojoba Oils, giving you that soft and moisturised after-feel, perfect for the season change.


Get in touch with your caring side and do your bit while still enjoying the products that float your goat. The time for looking after our planet is here and with animals being our friendly neighbour, there is plenty you can do to make sure we protect them too.

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