Natural Rite

By Noemie Hamon

It’s only natural we go from being born from the simplicity of the womb into a complex world and grow hopefully being nurtured along the way into adulthood. However, there are many difficult steps along this bumpy path. Part of this process is hopefully learning how to feel good about yourself, your mind and your environment which ultimately go towards becoming a healthy adult. Sometimes we have life obstacles on the road of our ‘adulthood’ pilgrimage, it can be difficult dealing with the stresses of this growth spurt in the teenage years. The difficulties we face can manifest in spots and skin problems. If your skin is an obstacle on your peaceful life’s road, keep reading Natural Rite Of Passage.

There is a common term Rites of Passage. It corresponds to a time of experience usually in teenage years. For instance, young people who experience something happening around them and for the first time see it from an adult perspective. At this time, when all the major changes are happening, the adolescent goes from puberty to adulthood; a turbulent time of emotional truly up and downs. Utterly crash bang wallop of changing perspectives on life events.

Teenagers have a lot of experience to go through to achieve their well-being. It is a time in life when our hormones play havoc with us. Indeed, it is this confusion and imbalance that can often cause skin issues. Most teenagers have to deal with this natural event. The difficult emotions of this passage of time will manifest via body, hair, skin problems or scars, which could become problematic.

Feeling alone confronting teenage angst, acne and self-confidence is commonplace, but luckily this idea of Rite of Passage has been explored in great works of literature. The world of literature has plenty of books exploring the concept which allows for a greater insight for those going through it.

For instance, To kill a mockingbird is an internationally renowned book within this genre. It takes place during the 1930’s. We follow the life of Jem and his father Atticus. Jem’s father worked on a dangerous trial and subsequently, Jem was attacked because of his father’s work on this trial. Via the book, the reader can see a defenceless child go into a pre-adult almost rebellious teenage attitude, eventually learning to think for himself.

The outsiders is a heart touching book about an abused child who can’t count on his family. Johnny’s (the main character) innocence flew away during his life’s rite of passage. He went from an unloved family to a gang lifestyle. The most interesting fact about this book is that Hinton, the author was only 15 when she started writing the book and 18 when it was published. Finally, the whole book gives you a teenager’s point of view regarding the difficult time in life.

Also, well known is the book The Catcher in the Rye about a teenager Holden Caulfield the main character of the book. His high school expelled him because he had bad ratings. He did not want to confront his parents directly, hence he flew away to New York for three days. This young adolescent arrived in New York and got lost in an adult world. Finally, through loneliness and alcohol, he discovered more of himself.

All these books bring up the topic by different ways. Reading can help understand what teenagers are going through during their adolescence. For the adult readers or for the younger ones these books help to navigate a difficult time.

The teenage years are often when we become far more aware of how we look and what image of ourselves we want to show the world. Ironically, it is the time most associated with skin problems. Acne can be part of this rite of passage, so it is important to understand it.

Skin is the biggest organ of our body, it is made of tissues. You take care of it by eating healthy, playing sport, drinking well, just in the same way we would look to keep our body and minds healthy.

This period from teenage years to early adulthood can be hard to go through alone, and sometimes you may need a little helping hand. This is exactly what Peace out offers.

Peace out is a brand founded by Enrico Frezza who, at 25 years old, found a way to get rid of his long-lasting acne. Consequently, he has created the solution to Nature’s rite of passage, a natural patch. To clarify, Enrico has created a latex, paraben and gluten-free product, that is cruelty-free and vegan.

The bandage’s material of the product is made of Hydrocolloid Polymer. Then, there is Salicylic Acid that can be found in fruits for instance. After that, find vitamin A and Aloe Vera leaf extract. Consequently, this is the perfect collaboration between nature meeting with nurture that will help get through those teenage years.

This is an everyday product, for a spot, simply use a patch. In addition, this product can be easily concealed, as it is a beige patch.

Furthermore, having a routine is the best way to take care of your skin and reduce stress. Therefore, Peace Out offers many products, for wrinkles and pores, dots for dark spots, and acne serum, an exfoliating balm and an eye stick.

In conclusion, Nature’s wild passage can be difficult to overcome during puberty and managing stress is key. However, having products to help does make all the difference alongside a great book to read; know you are not alone. Teenage years are full of wonderful experiences, hence we should be able to fully enjoy all life has to offer!

Products’ pictures by Peace Out. You can find more about Peace Out products here.

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