New Designers in the Design Museum

By Jo Phillips

The Design Museum in London has announced its Designers in Residence for the period between 4 September 2013 to 12 January 2014. The Museum aims to celebrate new and emerging designers at an early stage in their career and has selected Adam Nathaniel Furman, Eunhee Jo, Chloe Meineck and Thomas Thwaites to join the museum. The four will focus on their specific fields of research during their residency:

From top left to bottom right: Adam Nathaniel Furman, Eunhee Jo, Chloe Meineck and Thomas Thwaites.

  • Adam Nathaniel Furman – explores the concept of identity in globalised mass cultures which can be confusing and unstable at times. His findings are to be presented through his blog, objects and film.
  • Eunhee Jo – examines the surface quality of things, expanding the practical possibilities of every day objects as well as exploring the aesthetic possibilities. She will develop new surfaces made of fabric or paper.
  • Chloe Meineck – develops a memory book for people suffering from dementia or memory loss.
  • Thomas Thwaites – explores how the collating of personal information from the internet could, in addition to boosting consumer knowledge, also be used to inform people about themselves and their own identity. An interactive webpage is to be developed, which would act like a ‘self-help book’.

This round of Designers in Residence is determined through an open call to create a piece of work based on the theme of ‘Identity’. The resulting work will be displayed in the Design Museum from September.

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