New Golden

By Jo Phillips

Art nouveau was an intricate art style that came into fashion in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Think stylised flowing lines, think distinctive “whiplash” curves, tendrils, and soft lines many inspired by the world of nature from plants stems to waves or even flowing hair. Think Aubrey Beardly William Morris or Charles Rennie Mackintosh as British forerunners. Think of it as a New golden age when eyes returned to the beauty of nature. These New Golden dresses from fashion designer Alexander McQueen tick that box for sure.

Art Nouveau initially grew out of the Arts and Crafts movement. It had a worldly set of influences from as far afield as Japanese art to graphic design via Celtic jewellery and which hailed a new visual approach.

Scotland had its own unique brand of Art Nouveau led by the what is referred to as the Glasgow Four, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, his wife, Margaret Macdonald, her sister Frances Macdonald and her husband Herbert McNair. These four were extremely influencial and the whole Scottish movement has been part and parcel of the inspiration behind the Alexander McQueen 2020 pre-collection. the brand says:-

The refined elegance and richly conceived ornamentation of the Scottish Art Nouveau movement inform the Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2020 pre-collection. A delicate pencil drawn ‘nouveau print’ appears across fil coupé silk creponne ruffled dresses; twisted iris embroideries feature on signature soft harnessing and on invisible silk tulle designs and hand placed cabochons and dégradé metal sequins on drop-waisted tunics’ 

The deep gold applique has an antique feel bringing a sense of history and drama to the dress shown here. With the cape draped back reminiscent of bygone eras and Celtic references. The handcraft detailing seen here shows the extent of obsession with detailing A truly dramatic collection.


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