Imitate: New Year – New You?

By Catarina Wilk

Let us be honest; everybody needs a little bit of extra help or at least likes to get to know some useful tips when it comes to health, beauty and, of course, fashion.
Basically, we ladies do all seek for beauty and health and we actually do love some good fashion tips and tricks as well. So, Carlton Books’s newly released books ‘Beauty Hacks’, ‘Health Hacks’ and ‘Fashion Hacks’ seem to combine all of that and certainly have the perfect answers to various questions that prey on our minds!

Each offering more than 500 useful and practical facts or so-called hacks, these three books build up our knowledge in terms of beauty, fashion and health in a rather funny and interesting way. In this respect, these three goodies definitely help to make us healthier (hint: new year’s resolutions), even more beautiful and very fashionable!
To start off, Esme Floyd’s Health Hacks features general and more specific health tips and helps you to make little steps to lead a better and a healthier life. Covering a broad selection of topics such as diet, nutrition, fitness, well-being, general women’s health, body care tips and multiple other interesting subject areas, ‘Health Hacks’ helps you to better understand your body, the way it works and offers tips to treat it right. Receiving quick health tips without the odd feeling of going to the doctor… How brilliant is that?

Health Hacks. Esme Floyds. Carlton Books.

It cannot be denied, humans strive for beauty and we all have those days when we do not feel particularly beautiful…Esme Floyd’s Beauty Hacks „targets problems commonly faced by us all in our quest to look our best, revealing the trade secrets that top make-up artists, therapists and professional salons use.“

Beauty Hacks. Esme Floyds. Carlton Books.

As LFW is right around the corner, prepare yourself fashion-wise with Fashion Hacks by
former magazine editors Caroline Jones and Fiona Wright. 
„Discover how to create a capsule wardrobe and dress for your particular body shape, find the right shoe for your outfit or the best date dress. This book contains 500 Fashion Hacks to show you how small changes in what you wear can make a huge difference to your appearance.“

Fashion Hacks. Caroline Jones & Fiona Wright. Carlton Books.

One thing is certain, after having read all the hacks mentioned in these three books, you will almost be able to conquer the world. Well, at least you can impress with your health, beauty and fashion knowledge…
We guarantee you, you will have a lot of fun with these three beauty, health and fashion „bibles“.

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