News; A creative pursuit

By Jo Phillips

Let’s face the truth, most jobs involve some form of creativity and this is a skill that should be cultivated over time. Sometimes, creativity plays an essential role in an occupation, sometimes it is used only marginally and sometimes, it’s somewhere in the middle. In order for creativity to be used productively, one must put it to good use within the constraints of a formal creative job. This takes a lot of practice, risk taking, and trial and error to figure out what works best for you in the creative world. Sometimes, this even means self-employment in the form of freelance work and owning your own business.


As we said before, different occupations require different levels of creativity. When thinking about which creative person to match to the right position, there are various things to consider. There are different types of creativity, different types of creative personalities and different jobs need different talents. Even a brief check on job offers online will show you how disparate these requirements can be. Also, some talents or special gifts (especially when working with young creatives) may only come out during a creative process, so it is extremely important to encourage and stimulate creative people as well as make them feel free to express all of their ideas in an unrestrained way.


No two people are the same in this life and this is definitely true when it comes to creative professionals. There are different types of creative people who are suited for different kinds of creative jobs. However, some of the most common personality traits of creative people include sensitivity, fearlessness when it comes to pitching ideas, and immense imaginative abilities. Oftentimes being creative means occupying all roles of an operation, you are the architect of your own ideas and you are in charge of making sure that they come to fruition.


There are many different creative routes that should be considered. There’s the art route that includes anything from fine arts to crafters. You might also choose the design path, which includes both digital and physical work in design. Fashion is also something that has gained incredible relevance and popularity over the years and has a lot of different job offers on hand. However, one of the most popular creative industries is the entertainment one. So much of humanity currently relies on entertainment in the form of film, tv, writing, and even photography. No matter what path you take, there definitely is a variety of niche options.


The workplace is usually a central aspect of someone’s work life and influences his or her productivity in a significant manner. This is definitely true of creative jobs, because this is where the creative process evolves. One of the most important aspects of having a creative job is making sure you are committed to the creative process. It is important that creative people plan their work and that after they have completed any sort of creative task, they reflect on what they have learned. This is how you grow and become successful.


As with most other work, the key to a job in the creative world is devotion to your craft, and making sure your experience lasts a lifetime. You should always be willing to learn to be better as the world changes around you. Make sure to find time for acquiring new skills, lifelong learning is a must for all successful creatives.



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