News: Celebrating Latin American Creativity

By Jo Phillips

At .Cent we are all about celebrating creativity because we realise that it’s part of human identity and surrounds everything. Today, we spotlight two events that celebrate Latin American creativity and bring the works outside of the Latin American countries.

Solo Swab


From Dot Fiftyone gallery, ‘Sobre el Diversionismo Ideológico’ by Hamlet Lavastida, 2010.

SWAB Barcelona introduces for the third time, Solo Swab, a program curated by Zaida Trallero and Direlia Lazo. Based in Barcelona, the program selects exhibitions from Latin American artists. The main aim of the program is to present an artistic collective that discusses both past Latin American history and present discourses. It also serves as a platform of reflection about ‘the current artistic production in dialogue with the present political and social context of Latin America’. The artists who are part of Solo Swab use their art as commentary on the world around them – namely, their native countries and culture.


From Galerie Georges Philippe & Natalie Vallois, ‘Aire Frío’ by Lázaro Saavedra, 2003.

Some of the galleries and artists that are participating are: Arena Mèxico Arte Contemporáneo, Guadalajara (Joaquín Segura), Die Ecke, Chile (Andres Vial), Dot Fiftyone, Miami (Hamlet Lavastida), Galerie Georges Philippe & Natalie Vallois, Paris (Lázaro Saavedra), Galleria Rossmut, Rome (Carlos Martiel), and Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, Vienna (Amor Muñoz).


Photo credit: Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba. Courtesy of Bikini Wax, Ciudad de Mexico.

SWAB Barcelona was founded in 2006 by the Contemporary Art Space, Diezy7, Private collection, Barcelona. In its 10 years, the contemporary art fair has sought to showcase artists from all over the world and reach a wide audience. It holds events such as Swab House, Swab Thinks, Swab Reading, Swab Kids and Swab Performance.

Solo Swab will be held from 29th September – 2nd October 2016. More information can be found here.


Argentina comes to London in this special event hosted by Wines of Argentina. Celebrating the food, music, art and of course wines of Argentina at Hoxton’s JJ Studios, is Barullo, which rougly translates to “noise” from Spanish. Live performances by Coiffeur, a musical project started by Guillermo Alonso, the frontman and sole member, whose music can be described as synth-pop. Ibiza Pareo, the musical duo made up of Ani Castoldi and Marina La Grasta will also be playing.

Acclaimed chef Mauro Colegreco will be preparing a varied array of food for this event. Born in Argentina, Colegreco has been awarded 2 Michelin stars and currently owns the ‘6th best restaurant in the World’, Mirazur. He and his team will be in London for the first time ever, cooking authentic cuisine with dishes such Patagonian lamb confit and sweet potato and using ingredients like pumpkin and sesame sauce and shallots. Barullo also reflects the diverse wine background of Argentina with over 40 wine producers at the event. Expect to see wines from Don Cristobal 1492, Bodega Argento and Casa Bianchi.

At Barullo, there will art from BARRO, an art gallery from Buenos Aires.

Barullo will be from 25th October – 28th October. For further information click the link. Tickets are available here.

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