News: Design Shanghai 2016 – Presents new installations & features

By Jo Phillips

Design Shanghai, Asia’s leading international design event, will present an impressive selection of installations and features at this year’s show, running from 9th to 12th March 2016 at one of the city’s most famous landmarks, the Shanghai Exhibition Centre. The list below highlights a couple of up-and-coming designers exhibiting at Design Shanghai this year!

Frank Chou

Beijing-based designer founded his design studio after graduating in 2012. He focuses on the fusion between design and innovation with great emphasis on the balance of Easter and Western furniture industries.

The Oriental Series by Frank Chou open a dialogue to the “universal language of design”. This news series highlights the connection between Western and Eastern market.

Frank Chou 宸宸-Portrait

Frank Chou Design Studio_Frank Chou_Oriental Serie

Frank Chou Design Studio_Frank Chou_Bold Armchair Blue_Hall E2-98

Chen Furong | WUU

Chen Furong, co-founder of WUU was awarded the Design Shanghai & AD China Emerging Chinese Designer Award at Design Shanghai 2015, will be returning this year as an exhibitor, with a range of designs including HEXA,
a modular organisational accessory for the home and office, made from a bendable concrete material Furong has been developing over the years.

Design for a project called the Artisanship Revival, Symmetry is a combination of tradition Fozhou scissors and CNC technology Chen’s work embraces the values of traditional craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic.

WUU - Symmery (9)

WUU - Symmery (4)

WUU - Symmery (1)

Derek Chen | Maxmarko

Derek Chen founded his own brand in 2010 after 10 years’ experience in the field of visual, interior and product design. Chen has been awarded EDIDA (ELLE Deco International Design Award) and gold medals at the Shanghai International Furniture Fair.
Butterfly is a design derived from a butterfly’s flying trajectory.

MAXMARKO - Butterfly 3

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-25 um 12.33.55


YUUE is a design studio based in Berlin, Germany. Design Weng Xinyu and Tao Haiyue (below), both graduated from Bauhaus University, Weimar. Their work ranges from furniture, lighting, household appliances and home décor. YUUE has shpwcased work at Imm Cologne, Ambinete in Frankfurt,, My Design Series and 100% Design in London, China International Furniture Expo.
Yuue runs an independent art magazine called Xiaoming , promoting young creatives around the globe.

“Balance” lamp. Put down the phone and regain the balance of life.
Inspired by a traditional balance scale, the l amp is turned on by placing a phone into the slot in the rear.


Yuue - Balance



In 2007, Eva Zhuo and Jerry Huang graduated from the Raffles Design Institute in Singapore. Majoring in Interior Design. They set up EY-Products in 2010, creating a range of household products and gift design.

The Moon Lamp – Since ancient times, the moon has been an important symbol in Chinese culture, representing homesickness and reunion. When turned on, the lamp is designed to provide its user a sense of home and reunion.


EY Design-Moon Lamp (5)

EY Design - Landscape Series (9)

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