News: I Hate The Internet

By Jo Phillips

“The internet was a wonderful invention. It was a computer network which people used to remind other people that they were awful pieces of shit.”


The new novel “I Hate The Internet” by Jarett Kobek will be published on the 3rd of November 2016 with the author’s note to the UK edition. The book is a hilarious but above all furious satire of the Internet Age, and an indictment of intolerable and unregulated capitalism. Jarett Kobak is a Turkish-American writer living in California. “I Hate The Internet” is his first full-length novel and it is being published in six languages around the world.

Novelist Jonathan Lethem describes Kobek’s writing as the following: “Could we have an American Houellebecq? Jarret Kobek might come close, in the fervour of his assault on sacred cows of our own secretly- Victorian era, even if some of his implicit politics may be the exact reverse of the Frenchman’s. I just got an early copy of his newest “I Hate The Internet” and devoured it- he’s as riotous as Houellebecq, and you don’t need a translator, only fireproof gloves for turning the pages.”
Additionally, the novelist Dodie Bellamy describes “I Hate The Internet” as “a riproaring, biting, form-follows-function burlesque of the digital age” and the Irish Times praised it as “an anti-novel about why San Francisco, most beautiful of American cities, has become so awful… tremendous fun, inventive, smart.”

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