News: Pringle of Scotland X Rolling Stones

By Jo Phillips

Luxury knitwear company, Pringle of Scotland, have recently announced an exciting collaboration with the Rolling Stones on a new collection of jumpers. Each of the jumpers will feature the iconic Rolling Stones logo in different patterns and designs (as shown below). The collection really emphasises the greatness of a brand that has such a traditional style collaborating with a well renowned and iconic band like the Rolling Stones to create a divine collection of stylish every-day wear.

pringle of scotland

“We are delighted to be taking part in the celebration of The Rolling Stones, a band that has been at the forefront of music, fashion and art over the last five decades.  As a 200 year old British heritage brand, it was great fun to play with such an iconic logo, the most globally recognised of any music artist. We have combined a pop rock institution into a traditional cashmere jumper, which we are proud to have displayed on the global tour of Exhibitionism.” – Massimo Nicosia


 The collection is available in-store, and will soon be available online.

For more information about Pringle of Scotland, click here.

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