News: The Selected Writings of Rene Magritte

By Jo Phillips

The aim of the surrealists was to be able to channel the unconscious mind and therefore unleash a new level of creative power. Many paintings included bizarre, idiosyncratic designs that helped lead the progression and change of art in the 20th century. At first Surrealism was rejected by society but over time the movement pushed through and changed the way that art had been defined forever onwards. René Magritte was a key figure in the world of surrealism, his iconic paintings of men with top hats and also many of his wife, took the world by storm. Many have suggested that his work was based around himself and his own life, which goes on to suggest that Magritte found surrealism in the ordinary as well as the unordinary.


Although Magritte is mainly known for his artwork, he was also a frequent writer.  The book Selected Writings of René Magritte is soon to be released, the book is now available for the first time in the English language. It is a long awaited and special book for many of those who have wanted an insight in the mind of Magritte. The book is very personal and allows the reader to delve into and explore the thoughts, personal letters, appreciations of fellow artists, pugnacious interviews, film scrips, poems, manifestos and more of René Magritte.

Selected Writings will be available to buy from August 11th.



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