News; What Makes a Woman SS18

By Jo Phillips

This article is a condensed version of the original piece from our Dark Romance issue which can be read here.


The Virgin Suicide’s, chosen by our guest editors, Preen, for this issue of Dark Romance, is a tale of antithesis, of light and dark, of repression and liberation. The movie, adapted from the original book by Jeffrey Eugenides, following a Lisbon family in 1970s midwestern-America, comprised of a teacher father, a strong, pious, stay-at-home, matriarchal mother, and five teenage girls. The girls, who are sheltered from the outside world by their mother, fall into a downward spiral as they are isolated from the community, eventually together concocting a suicide pact. The five girls, all with different stages of adolescences, have their own unique personality which reflects their methods of suicide.


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