Next Level

By Jo Phillips

Taking your home to the next level is a great way to ensure you get the most out of it. If you’re spending most of your time there you want to make sure it’s somewhere that you want to be, and somewhere that you enjoy to spend time. Of course, one person’s level up won’t be the same as others. It’s why it’s hard to find good advice online. Each home is unique so what works for one won’t for another. Here are some top tips to help you think about the most suitable kinds of next level upgrades.

Does It Feel Good Underfoot?

It has to feel great. You need to feel comfortable enough to be able to walk around with your shoes and socks off. It’s an improvement you’ll see right away. Being able to feel comfortable in your own home is of course incredibly important. From laying engineered wood flooring to changing the carpet on the stairs, there are quite a lot of options for you to consider. If you don’t want to go through a whole project which could take some time it might simply be buying a runner for the stairs and a nice plush carpet could round off the job nicely. They’re a great bet if you have a cold floor. You might even want to consider underfloor heating if you live somewhere particularly cold.

Can You Create Your Sanctuary

It’s really important to be able to find that perfect space for you to wind down and really relax. Sometimes, even in your own home, this can be hard. Maybe it’s simply a small house. Perhaps you’ve got a big family. If you work from home, this can get a little harder. You don’t really want to work where you relax or vice versa. Keep them apart. Find that place where you know you’ll really be able to wind down. Time for yourself is important and if you can find it you’ll surely be happier in your own home. Sometimes it isn’t about a location, but the right time. You need to tell your children or family that a certain time is protected for you. That you’re off limits. Finding this space in your home improves your quality of life drastically.

Keep The Energy Woes At Bay

It can cost a lot to heat the home. If you can reduce these costs, and still stay warm, you’ll certainly be better off and it’s no doubt a level up to your home. For a start, focus on keeping the heat in. Can you check your windows to ensure they don’t need a little sealant? Same with the edging around the doors. Think about getting some insulation. It all means the cold can’t get in and the heat can’t get out…thus saving you money and keeping you warmer for longer. If you can be consistently comfortable in your own home in regards to temperature and the price you pay for the energy, you’ll be able to ensure complete peace of mind. 

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