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By Pascal Ebner

Nick Brewer 2
Nick Brewer

The United Kingdom has a new rapper, and he is not what you’re used to: Nick Brewer raps about his own experiences and stories – but unlike the usual, stereotypical rap music, he focuses on the bright sides of life. Brewer is starting his music career with the EP “Flat 10”, which is set to be released on 15 September and is proud to present his new music video for the single “So Good”.

Poetry itself has been an interest in Nick’s life since the age of 9, who has since then grown into a talented musician, who’s not afraid to rap about the joyful things, which are usually left out – in short: genuine music with genuine words. Especially new single “So Good” proofs his positive take on music with a catchy melody and lyrics that will brighten your day anytime.

Nick Brewer 1
Nick Brewer

Since Nick Brewer’s musical theme is fitting with the .Cent thinking, we were really glad to get the opportunity to ask Nick some personal questions about himself and his music.

.Cent: You described yourself as an ‘outsider’ but also a ‘keen observer of modern life’ – would you advise people in the same position to change or do you see this as a different opportunity to stand out? Would you say it (seeing yourself as an outsider) affects the way you create(d) your music?

Nick Brewer: I think people have to stay true to themselves. I spent ages trying to fit in at school and stuff, but I finally came to the conclusion that the things that make me different are actually a positive thing, and that’s better than just being a follower. I wouldn’t say that I make music with the aim of being seen as an outsider, I just write about the things that I think are important or interesting, which may or may not necessarily be the same for other artists.

.Cent: Nowadays street culture, especially in the US and UK, seems to be connected to rather negative themes (primarily in Rap or Hip Hop Music). Since you go against these stereotypes of street cultures – What do you think Rap/Hip Hop music should tell the audience?

Nick Brewer: I think that, naturally, rappers are going to talk about their experiences, and the lives which they are living. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a lot of positive role models while growing up. I grew up with people who didn’t have the same support. At the same time however, I think rappers have a responsibility not to glamorise things such as crime, because a lot of young people take their words as gospel, and aspire to live similar lives. 

.Cent: We’re really impressed by your positive attitude, especially in your music video to “So Good”. As mentioned in your biography, the loss of your friend, marked a big change in your life. How come you decided to choose Rap as your form of expression? Especially with rap artists out there, who prefer to sing about the bad sides of life.

Nick Brewer: I’ve just always loved rap from a really young age. I remember from the time I was introduced to hip hop at the age of 9 I fell in love with writing lyrics. I think that writing lyrics is all about being true to yourself, so I just write all aspects of my life, whether it’s about the good or not so good parts of my life.

.Cent: What are your plans for the future? As the ‘odd one out’ would you enjoy fame and attention?

Nick Brewer: I’m not really a massive fan of attention. I get embarrassed and go red really easily! Right now I’m just hoping that people will hear and relate to my music, and whatever happens from there, happens.

Interested? Check out Nick Brewer’s new music video and find more songs below.

The official video to “So Good” by Nick Brewer:

To get more information on Nick Brewer and his music, make sure to check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter and more of his songs on SoundCloud.

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