Night Man

By Jo Phillips

Calling all single men! Most of you will agree that a successful night of clubbing involves good music, a lot of drinking and chatting with a hot girl (if you are single, of course!). There is a general perception that picking up a woman in a club is easy, but that’s certainly not the case, which is why this post is designed to give you a helping hand. Read on for some top tips if you spot a girl you want to get to know.

Get to the club early – You will find it easier to meet someone the earlier you get there. If you arrive at the club past midnight you will find that people have already formed their own little groups and this makes it much more difficult to approach women. Plus, everyone’s a bit drunk by this point, which can be a bad idea.

Make an effort before you even enter the club – Why wait until you are inside the club? You can get to know the people around you whilst you are queuing to get into the nightclub. Make sure you dress sharp with mens designer clothing as well.

Eye contact – When you find a lady that takes your fancy you should make eye contact. This is a good way to tell whether someone is interested. If they are, they will glance back or smile. If they are not interested, it is likely that they will turn their back and not make eye contact with you again. 

‘Who are you here with?’ – This is one of the most important questions for several reasons. Firstly, you certainly don’t want to be hitting on someone if she is out clubbing with her boyfriend. If you approach a girl that is out with a large group of friends, this may be a little bit more intimidating, however, if she’ll happily introduce you to everyone this is a good sign. The most difficult setting is girls that are out in pairs, as there is a high chance the woman you want to talk to won’t want to leave her friend. 

Chit chat – You should make a small bit of chit chat. Don’t hang around for ages, as this can appear desperate. Instead, you want to show that you have other things to do, which will keep them interested. You can always come back to talk to them later in the evening. 

Don’t be a wallflower – Standing against the wall simply looking for women to pull is not advised. 

Do more than simply chatting up girls – You don’t want to appear as if your sole reason for coming to the club is to pick up girls, even if it is. Instead, get a drink and enjoy the music being played by the best DJs.

Dance – Dancing is one of the best ways to get up, close and personal with a lady. You’ll need to read their body language. If someone doesn’t want to dance with you, leave them be and move elsewhere. 

First impressions are everything – You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure your first words are engaging and funny. 

Follow up by contacting them – Don’t wait for the women to contact you. Instead, send them a message the next day and take it from there. 

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