Opera in a Bottle; Thameen London’s Vocal, Aromatic Tribute

By Mansi Golaniya

Consider a moonlit garden where an attractive, yet whispered, blossom known as the Queen of the Night emerges. This Regal mystical entity has inspired poets and dreamers for centuries. Nature has written a love letter to the stars, and in this nightly symphony, she shares her most prized secret; this flower. It’s story now unfolds in the latest scent from Thameen London

Have you ever envisioned a flower blooming only at night? Its delicate petals opened like secrets whispered in the dark. Thameen London launches “Bravi,” a perfume that allows you to embark on an aromatic trip where imagination intertwines with the seductiveness of night blossoms into an unforgettable memory, in a beautiful applaud to this enigmatic flower.

Thameen London presents “Bravi,” the third treasure in The Britologne Collection, under the dazzling baton of Christopher Chong. This fragrance goes beyond the boundaries of traditional colognes, a lyrical elixir, if you will, that combines classical scent structure with the delicate symphony of fantasy, guaranteeing a lingering embrace and mesmerising charm.

The story of “Bravi” begins on a hypnotic trip, a dream that begins within the divine walls of Covent Garden’s Opera House. Christopher Chong, the Creative Director of the brand found a highly valued inspiration in the hallowed walls, where love and enthusiasm for the Opera built lifelong friendships.

”I yearned for the opera’s embrace and missed the company of dear friends during the pandemic’s solitude. I summoned box tickets to the opening of a new show as soon as the curtains rose, where I met with kindred spirits who shared a passion as passionate as mine.”

Christopher Chong

After the pandemic, he visited this glorious London landmark where inspiration struck for a new elixir. The creation of ”Bravi” came about when Chong encountered a random opera performer singing.

It unfolds as the grand peak of the Covent Garden trilogy, ( Fanfare, Bohemian Infusion, and Bravi ) this one being a significant ode to ambitious Divos and radiant Divas, guided by the hand and nose of perfumer Bruno Jovanovic who himself a great opera fan. The ethereal Queen of the Night flower, a fountain of enchantment, sits at the centre of this masterpiece.

The Queen of the Night flower, also known as the Night-Blooming Cereus, is a unique and captivating cactus that blooms only once in 24 hours; complex petals, typically white and cream-colored.

This rare event is a sensory experience for those fortunate enough to see it. The Queen of the Night is considered magical, filled with secrets of the night-time. Whether in a botanic garden or an untamed environment, it remains a symbol of grace, beauty, and mystery.

Intoxicating tuberose is spiced up with an overdose of ginger and dramatized with a novel walnut milk accord. The notes are blended in a way that accents the tension between them. Perfect for an opulent evening.

The opening is made up of refreshing Bergamot, and Bitter orange with a hit of firey Ginger, bringing with it a dramatic opening.

Its heart blossoms with the sexy opulent flower Tuberose, soothing honey tones alongside a theatrical ‘deep leathery-earthy faceted spiced note of tar-like Saffron.

Its crescendo is full of magic created for the scent by Bruno with the wonderful note of a Walnut Milk accord allowing for a creamy nutty accent alongside smokey Tobacco and soothing comforting Vanilla

“Bravi” evokes a seductive and dramatic story, enticing but also in harmony, an enticing and spectacular elixir inspired by midnight enchantment.

“Bravi” takes shape in Thameen London’s distinctive vessel, embodying “all’s well that ends well.” It is an homage to the unwavering commitment of friends, a symbol of trust and camaraderie that shines through and beyond the pandemic’s challenges.

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