Opposites: Liquids & Solids

By Jo Phillips

A place to visit by Henry Bruce
Installation view of Henry Bruce’s A place to visit (2013) at Ministry of Nomads.

Deliquescence is the tendency of matter to become liquid. A transformative process that describes states of matter that are opposing in characteristics and nature. Henry Bruce‘s latest solo exhibition of the same title captures the elegance and poetic beauty of such a phenomenal process exploring light, form and space. Examining the inescapable destiny of all matter to change, the thought-provocative show reveals the artist’s own confrontation of the subject matter concerning his own experience of consciousness, possibilities and limitations, as well as the very idea of ‘change’.

Included in the exhibition is an overwhelming 20 foot wooden sculpture of a shelter made by hand, aptly named ‘A place to visit’.

Untitled by Henry Bruce
Henry Bruce’s Untitled (2013) at Ministry of Nomads

Henry Bruce’s Deliquescene is presented by Ministry of Nomads. It opens today until 1 July 2013 at Edison House, 223-231 Old Marylebone Road, London.

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