Opposites: Today I’ve Been You

By Jo Phillips

Really True
Really true © Christian Vogt

Truly Real
Truly really © Christian Vogt

‘Today I’ve Been You’ is the up front statement selected as the title of Christian Vogt’s latest exhibition, which showcases a diverse body of the Swiss artist’s work from photography to three-dimensional works.

Born in 1946, Vogt has been working in photography since the late ‘60s and has been crowned by photographic historian Martin Gasser as ‘a master of photographic haikus and a virtuoso of associative pictorial storytelling’.

Bein © Christian Vogt

The show reveals his developments and perceptions during the latter part of his career, conveying an inner truth which takes over any ‘realism’. Exhibited work include The Photographic Notes (1981- ongoing), Skinprints (2008- ongoing), Camera Obscura Narrative (2011) and Dakota (2012).

What draws his diverse body of work together is his approach. Inspired by the what, when and how things come together creatively and in life, he gives form to experience and what is beyond words. This results in the presentation of aphoristic statements as seen in his renowned Skinprint series and “Gedankentafel” (inscribed slate piece).

Christian Vogt: Today I’ve Been You opens at the Margaret Street Gallery on 30 May until 6 July 2013.

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