Our Two Cents

By Yasmin Sholgami


I can’t get enough of one of my old school favorites neo soul/ soul singers Mary J Blige and her new album ‘The London Sessions’ produced by a whole host of people including Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jenkins, Craze and Hoax, Naughty Boy, Disclosure and Jimmy Napes.

It’s her 13th album but Mary is bang ahead and always moving with the music times by introducing grime/garage and deep house to her belt. The album is on repeat repeat repeat.

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Leah- Art&Design

My two cents this week is Cedar Lewisohn’s ‘Plywood Transmission’ exhibition, at the Cock ‘n’ Bull gallery in Shoreditch. In an era where a lot of artist focus on using interactive and digital, it’s refreshing to see Lewisohn embrace this kind of art through the use of natural materials like wood and paint to create really cool pieces of art. I’ll be going to his exhibition preview this week, and will be looking forward to seeing his work in person!


Yasmin- Graphic Design

My pick of the week is the ‘Nasta‛liq: The Genius of Persian Calligraphy’ exhibition. It is the first exhibition of its kind to focus on nasta‛liq, a calligraphic script that developed in the fourteenth century in Iran and remains one of the most expressive forms of aesthetic refinement in Persian culture to this day. More than twenty works ranging in date from 1400 to 1600, the height of nasta‛liq’s development, tell the story of the script’s transformation from a simple conveyer of the written word to an artistic form of its own. September 13, 2014–March 22, 2015. Arthur M. Sackler Gallery



My pick of the week is the book ‘Night walking; A Nocturnal History of London’.  A captivating literary portrait of the writers who explore the city at night and the people they meet. Including Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare, William Blake and Wordsworth. In the brilliant work of literary investigation, Beaumont  shines a light on the shadowy perambulations of poets, novelists and thinkers. We discover how the nocturnal city has inspired some writers and served as a balm or narcotic to others.



This weeks beauty pick of the week is my new perfume by Calvin Klein called ‘Reveal’. It lasts for AGES and the smell is just so gentle and feminine.


Alexis- Film

Film for me is Filth. The adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s novel of the same name.  It’s uneasy watching, brilliantly clever, dark, funny, sick, twisted and really sad all at the same time.
The reason I have picked this, is because it’s one of the only films I’ve seen to date which stayed with me long after leaving the cinema.  It’s absolutely brilliant and well worth a watch.
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