Our two Cents

By Yasmin Sholgami



My pick of the week is the movie ‘Still Alice,’ starring Julianne Moore, Alec Baldwin & Kristen Stewart. The drama addressed the issue of early onset Alzheimer’s disease,and the effect it has on the person and the relationships around them. While it sounds slightly sad (and it was), it ended on a somewhat uplifting note, and was a very emotional and touching film, with an amazing performance form Ms. Moore. Definitely worth checking out!


Laura- Fashion:

My fave fash moment this I am looking back at Chanel’s Métier d’art show in true Karl Lagerfeld style he forays into technology ….

Lagerfeld quietly debuted “hairphones,” accessories that resemble a cross between Heidi’s braids and Princess Leia’s signature buns ( perfectly timed with the announcement of the next Star Warsmovie). The plaited accessories came in black, blond, pink, and brunette, with a clashing leather band. The show’s hairstylist, Sam McKnight, snapped model Julia Bergshoeff backstage, dubbing the creation “hairphones” and “braidphones,” hinting that they’re Lagerfeld’s latest foray into wearable tech.

photo 1

Nada-Art & Design:

Calligraffiti artist El Seed’s latest exhibition entitled Declaration, which took place in Dubai, blew my mind away. He literally took his artwork to another level when he transformed his calligraphy into life-sized sculptures. If El Seed achieved anything from this exhibition, it’s being able to break out of any box or category he was put in.



My pick of the week is Bio oil.  Because it’s one of the originals, and still one of the best around – you name it, it does it.  From skin calming to stretch mark prevention and repair, to fixing flyaways, curing cuticles, adding to makeup products like bronzer and highlighters to give a gorgeous sheen as well as removing stubborn makeup in a not so stubborn way.




My pick of the week is the timeless ‘The Fasgion Book’. The way to learn about all fashion designers, their lives, how hard they have worked to get there, just by looking how they started and worked hard to get where they are now in life is just amazing! So we should all work for hard for what we want and how worth it is.. Because anyone can get to that stage..



My pick of the week is the new design from Caracalla that comes in the form of purses made of Leather that look like Wood. It’s the 1st in the World to make leather look like wood.  Each piece of Leather will look unique and each design will show a different colour variation.

Riva Style


My song (and funnily enough the video is just as brilliant) of the week has to come from the amazingly talented singer Lana Del Rey. I may be a bit late in discovering this but I have just this week stumbled across the 10 minute long music video for Lanas song ‘Ride’. Directed by Anthony Mandler, it’s an epic vision of what she says “America used to be,” told from the perspective of a character who stumbled across a disconcerting alternate meaning of true freedom. Whether you’re a fan of Lana Del Rey or not, this video is raw and incredible.


Dimitri- Graphic Design

My pick of the week is the newly designed front covers of the world renowned Harry Potter books written by J K Rowling. Hungarian based artist Kincso Nagy embarked on this Harry Potter project for her BA degree project but we think these would be snapped up if put on sale. These Harry Potter book cover designs combine beautiful illustration and delightful glow-in-the-dark printing.