Painted Glimpse

By Zonaira Chaudry

Every time we get a postcard from our loved ones or a friend who is off globetrotting, it makes us smile. It gives us a glimpse of a country that we possibly haven’t seen or an opportunity to experience a part of the sender’s adventure. It might have a simple but heartfelt message telling you that you are dearly missed. This 2-dimensional simple piece of art can instantly make your day and open your eyes to a new world: Or even remind you of places you have been in the past or wish to go in the future. A little painted glimpse into another world.


Postcards connect us to other countries, cultures, and people.  In our digital lifestyle, the essence of postcards is still not lost. During the lockdown, when borders were closed and all forms of travel suspended, the desire of seeing new places became more innate. This urge of seeing new places is captured in a new book Postcards; the latest offering by Lodestars, Anthology.  


Postcards is a special travel collage of images and reflections produced and curated during lockdown. The book is a colourful feast for the eyes which has real, raw yet wonderful images taken by travel photographers over the years.


While turning the pages, you will be reminded of the joys of seeing faraway lands, experiencing exotic cultures and will also awaken to the wanderlust traveller within you.


Consisting of 144 pages, “Postcards” is a homage to the world of travelling combined with the joy that can be experienced by receiving a postcard right in the comfort of your home.

The book is edited by Liz Schaffer and features the works of over 20 photographers and photojournalists who have contributed the most stunning images from countries as far-flung as India, Norway, Australia, all the way to ltaly, to name but a few.


Each page visually highlights a different part of the world; its inhabitants in their natural environment. The pictures are also accompanied with the photographer’s inner reflections, memories and their own stories associated with the places telling the reader what makes these places so special.


Lodestars Anthology is a travel journal which was started in 2014 and explores travel in a new way. Breaking the barriers of typical travel writing, it approaches travel with a personal touch featuring images, photo-essays, musings in collaboration with creatives from all parts of the world.      


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