Palette of Life

By Zelie Vandermeiren

More than a book, it’s a testimony of life. With Nature’s Palette, Patrick Baty shares the beauty of our world through a rich and diverse palette. Learn all about this grimoire of life, with our article Palette of Life.

Patrick Baty readapted Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours which was first published in 1814 by Patrick Syme. At the time the book was a groundbreaking and inestimable release. Artists, botanists, and people in general, finally had their own universal dictionary of colour. Which could help them identify, classify and represent their find wherever in the world. Therefore, they also had a universal language to describe things that were surrounding them.

In 1814, colour photographs were not a thing, everything was in black and white. As if people were colourblind, and like a magician, Syme brought colours to them. To this day, it’s still a prized possession.

A dictionary helps us to understand our world and defining things that are surrounding us. With Nature’s Palette, we see, learn, and understand the world in which we are living, with image and colours.

Plants, animals, minerals, fruits, vegetables, all of them are listed in the book. First ranked by colours and swatches, every element is then detailed and explained by an expert. With more than 800 illustrations, Nature’s Palette is a catalogue of references from the natural world.

However, Patrick Baty making this book is no surprise. His great grandfather the artist, Robert Bevan, was known as the first Englishman to use pure colour in the 20th century. He is a true expert in paint, and Nature’s Palette is not his first achievement in the world of colour. He made it his business long before with Papers and Paints, supplying fine paint all around the world.

This will be the perfect gift for someone passionate about colour, nature, or who just likes to look at beautiful things. And if you planned to redecorate a place or someone who is working in fashion, don’t underestimate this treasure. It can also be perfect for your coffee table, to have around and to look at from time to time.

Nature’s Paletteby Patrick Baty, from the publishing house Thames&Hudson, will be released on the 8th of April 2021. Here’s a link where you can purchase it.

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