Paper Cut

By Jo Phillips



Artists now are open to many different outlets; installation, film, painting, animation, 4D, performance to name a few. Marianne Guely takes paper as her medium transforming beautiful spaces using paper. She has taken something so mundane such as paper and created something really radical and fragile. With clients such as Dior, Sisley and Cartier, Guely has set herself a strong position within branding and transforming spaces using paper.


It is interesting to see her approach to bringing together different surfaces and materials saying “Combing colours and textures is like poetry for me.” This format of working is very similar to something more traditional such as painting which is interesting to see. Citing Henri Matisse as a huge influence on her work, the use of his simplicity is really affective to Guely.



To check out the full article with more imagery and quotes from the artist within our current issue Nuance, take a look here.


Marianne Guely can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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