Paris Climate

By Jo Phillips

Our oceans have become polluted, destroyed and climate change has been effecting it watery depths. it’s time to protect and save the ocean from chaos and destruction. Tara the French scientific vessel calls to London to share an extraordinary expedition  to make the ocean more environmentally friendlier. which will be only stay for five days only, starting from September the 9th.


Tara makes it all the way from Greenland, Stockholm and Paris to end up in London, to complete an overview of the ocean’s plankton ecosystem. “Beyond the cutting- edge science, this adventure is also about showing people all over the world how important the ocean is for own well-being”, says Erec Karsenti, director of Tara oceans. The world needs a healthy ocean that is full of life that will sustain all life forms and that functions properly.

Tara will open it’s arms free to the public from the 12th up until the 13th of September at 10am until 12 and 2pm until 5pm. Be sure not to miss out. If you’re interested then register here


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