Paris Fashion Week; Trends from the catwalk To Love

By Jo Phillips

Paris, the fashion capital of the world, has once again taken centre stage as it welcomes the glittering spectacle of Paris Fashion Week for Spring Summer ’24.

Acne Studios

elevated industrial; clothing accessories. The collection draws inspiration from the British artist Katerina Jebb’s piece Physical Evidence of a Woman, in which scanned symbols of ‘feminine dress codes’—red stilettos, fake eyelashes, and lady tights—are contrasted with an avant-garde rawness.

Cecilie Bahnsen

Cecilie Bahnsen lifts the lid on her creative process this season with a close-up presentation demonstrating the attention to detail and workmanship (more frequently, craftsmanship) that goes into creating her romantic, excessively feminine world.Infusing the worlds of imagination and reality, Cecilie is refining her concept of “everyday couture.”

Empty Behaviour

The Empty Behaviour SS24 collection was based on the idea of “Enclave Paradise” and was inspired by the culturally diverse world of “field sports.” The company merged ballerina shoe uppers with retro soccer shoes and golf shoe soles.

Niccolò Pasqualetti

In the absence of context, things are seen for what they are, and origins are forgotten. One thing transforms into another very quickly in such a place.

Photos: Cécile Bortoletti

Phillip Lim

The purpose of the designer  was to provide the contemporary global citizen with an inventive, upscale, and fashionable wardrobe. They were pioneers in the field of accessible luxury.




A Rose…

Building upon the designs and sketches that pulled from this house’s rich archives, Balmain have been focused on the strongest elements from the house’s couture designs from the late 1940s and early 1950s. 


Schiaparelli’s latest ready-to-wear collection embodies a dual essence. On one hand, it embraces practicality, making it suitable for everyday wear. It aims for accessibility and ease in fashion. On the other hand, it aspires to provoke a strong reaction and captivate attention.


The Litkovska team took an unusual approach to window displays to represent their conviction that Ukrainian culture will one day flourish again. QR codes with the addresses of streets that were destroyed as a result of the Great Ukrainian War were attached to the charming old glass.


The 133-year-old house of Lanvin is starting to come to life again thanks to innovative ideas and new materials. The Summer 2024 collection is presented as a reaffirmation of the house’s enduring tradition, a tribute to the know-how of its workshop, and a sincere love letter to its revolutionary creator Jeanne Lanvin in this era of change.


The Spring Summer 2024 ATLEIN collection investigates the connection between vintage glitz and cinema, examining how to adapt these potent representations of ultra-femininity for the modern era.


This season, Casablanca turns its attention to the unquenchable magnetism of Nigeria as its eye travels in the ever-curious search for beauty, keenly watching and always eager to find a hue, a moment, or an expression of a time and place that mystifies and invigorates.

Hian Tjen

Hian Tjen, who places a strong emphasis on craftsmanship, has a trained eye for quality and detail and is committed to creating immaculate and visionary works. His collections are created locally in his Jakarta atelier.

Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela performs a search for personal truth for the Co-Ed Spring/Summer 2024 Collection, which is expressed in the generational adaption of an inherited clothing.

Nina Ricci

The collection honours the delightful process of dressing up, as drawn from early recollections of attempting and perusing the extensive Nina Ricci archives. It gives the impression that a moment can be created without an occasion. a cure-all for the ordinary.

Paul & Joe

As Sophie Mechaly put it, “Make it sparkle to better light up the stage” was her inspiration for the Spring/Summer 24 line.


The Spring/Summer 2024 collection from RUOHAN illustrates the interaction between sensibility and reason.

Photos by: Shoji Fujii


Each gaze, a study in nature, brings wonder and reverence to the colours, textures, and movement of the natural world.

J Kim

Designer Jenia Kim continues to investigate an image of Uzbekistani women and the way they express themselves in the age of globalisation and social media for her newest Spring/Summer 2024 J.Kim collection.


This Balmain Men Spring 2024 collection most surely advances the distinguishing house approach.

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