Radiant; Fashion Flair

By Matilda Bourdillon

Marc-Antoine Coulon has always been one to impress. The fabulous illustrator and rising star has created some outstanding designs for many luxury clients over his time, such as Dior, Cartier, Givenchy, as well having his work feature in magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair.  

And the illustrator continues to succeed. His most recent project ‘Paris: Fashion Flair’ is a book full of stunning artworks that captures the glamour and excitement of the Paris fashion scene.

Filled with collages and sketches, Coulon manages to capture Parisian fashion both on and off the runway.  His sketches are minimal yet ultra-glamorous, featuring portraits of designers, screen stars and his favourite Parisian haunts from day to night. Every piece of art is detailed, incisive and unique, reflecting Coulon’s distinct style, timeless and iconic with a contemporary edge that is elegant, sexy and vibrant.

The book is also forwarded by the fabulous Ines de la Fressange, the fashion icon, model, designer and friend of Coulons who he has worked with on previous projects. Ines addresses Coulons artistic courage; with a bold saturated background, a confident brushstroke and the force of negative space, his drawings sublime his subjects – whether a dress, a monument or a celebrity.

And finally, this book does not just feature images, the watercolours are also paired with handwritten observations and quotations, making this a more in-depth and interesting read. Paris: Fashion Flair offers readers a joyful and breathless tour of everything fashionable in Paris right now.

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