Peekaboo SS20

By Jo Phillips

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The sketchbook; an absolute necessity for any creative. The place to doodle, to explore, to remind of future ideas, to develop thoughts and even to delay doing work. We love them a private oasis of …well whatever you want it to be.

A place to go back, to remind yourself, where you once were. A private place for emotional input, a platform for emotional thinking (which is what creativity is, after all) a closed book to play on words of your innermost expressive ‘moments.’

It’s where your daydreams can safely come alive after all muse is a fickle mistress who comes when she wants not when you do, so carrying a notebook is a must to capture that arrival of golden imaginings.

Whether you carry a notebook to doodle on the bus or even have one by your bedside, its the ultimate in accessories that are must-haves, forget the latest bag or newest show, make it a notebook.

Tatty Devine

You don’t have to keep it pristine. We all know that feeling of starting a new book and not wanting it to be messy. Unfortunately, it will be, get over it – that’s the utter joy of them. You can scrawl, draw, put words, quotes, dots or whatever you want if that helps you back to that nugget of an idea.

When it’s creamy and new, put stickers on it, after all, it’s as alive as you make it. It’s not there to be judged by anyone; it’s there for you and only you.

Keep them and don’t throw them away; they are way too precious. Even if it is only to look at them 20 years later and smile at your own naivety or smile because yes, you got it right.

Keep them (just as the ladies from Tatty Devine did) as a way to look back and if you go on to great success then wonderful; they will be the best ever record of your own creative journey. A narrative held together maybe by sticky-tape of a life well-lived. Here are just a few pages from over their last 20 years and pages from friends that also share a secret page or two with us for this issue.

Kitty Joseph

Rob Ryan

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Whose New?

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