Peppersmith – Get More From Your Mint

By Sufana Hammad

Usually, being environmentally friendly and avoiding bad breath are not the most hand in hand things, but Peppersmith manages to bring these two together, wrap them in fully recyclable packaging, and voila, the world now has access to gums and mints that  are not only healthier for you, but also healthier for the environment. Peppersmith is a UK-based company that began in 2009, and produces chewing gum and mints that specialises in including xylitol in all of its products. Here’s a little crash course on what xylitol is: a sugar substitute that consists of sugar alcohols and has been dated back since Ancient Greece. What makes xylitol so important is that it prevents tooth decay and bacteria in your mouth, and it derives completely from plants and trees, so it’s a win-win situation for the consumers, the sellers and of course, the environment. Reading a mint’s packaging saying ‘no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and aspartame’ isn’t something you see quite often. According to both the Oral Health Foundation and the European Food Safety Authority, Peppersmith’s company is in fact healthier for both the consumer and the environment, in comparison to other gum and mint companies. Since Peppersmith’s opening in 2009, it has now sold over 15 million products, flavours including strawberry pastilles, lemon mints, extra strong minds and of course, peppermint mints. Peppersmith takes pride in their environmentally-friendly packaging, by expressing in their mission statement “We are not perfect but we are trying hard to protect this planet we call home”. Peppersmith’s packaging uses plastic free recyclable packaging, and the cardboard the mints arrive in are FSC (forest stewardship Council) approved boxes. Peppersmith is expecting to adapt fully to plastic free and recyclable packaging, by expecting to change their other packaging, such as their larger gum pouches, that currently cannot be recycled. So, next time you’re thinking of purchasing some gum or mints, think a little further than that, by thinking about the environment and try Peppersmith.

Ensure you recycle the packaging and boxes when your intense case of morning breath is over. Visit the website Peppersmith

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