What is Perfection?

By Jake Gloth

Have you ever considered what it means to be perfect? Where even is perfection? Is it hidden inside a waterfall in Madagascar? Could it be at the base of the deepest base of the Atlantic ocean the Mariana Trench? Maybe, it’s hanging out on Mars with little green men. Find out more in What is Perfection? here 

Images Perfect Intense Marc Jacobs | Photo by JasonYates.com

According to legendary American fashion designer Marc Jacobs, it’s at the bottom of a bottle. No, not that kind of bottle; I am talking about a perfume bottle. So, why is Marc Jacobs searching for perfection? 

To comprehend his meaning, you must first understand the man. Marc Jacobs is someone that is known for irreverence. He was the upstart designer from New York who snagged the Perry Ellis Award for “New Fashion Talent” at only the age of 24. In 1992, he was fired by Perry Ellis for his ground-breaking, experimental “grunge” collection.  

He is the man who launched a shirt demanding the legalization of gay marriage. He has collaborated with rappers like Kanye West, and he blurred the lines of gender with his Heaven collection. 

So, why is the maverick of fashion talking about perfection? For someone toying with the cutting edge of avant-garde fashion, perfection is boring. Why be flawless when you can be different? Isn’t being unique a form of perfection on its own? 

That seems to be what Marc Jacobs is saying with his new perfume, Perfect Intense by Marc Jacobs. The Perfect collection, launched in July of 2020, was inspired by Marc Jacobs’ personal slogan “I am perfect as I am”. The original fragrance was about self-love and self-expression while this new addition is about celebrating your individuality. 

To obtain this goal, Jacobs has designed a comforting yet surprising floral scent composed of sweet daffodils and night-blooming jasmine on top. In the middle, a golden roasted almond blend lies on a base of sandalwood, which helps create a warm and full-bodied texture.

While the scent is rich and decadent, it is the literal texture of the bottle that completes the perfume’s objective. The glass container is crowned with crystal and adorned with a potpourri of charms that accentuate the fragrance’s meaning. To finish it off, the carton includes an original sketch of the Perfect Intense bottle from New York artist, Jacky Blue.  

Doesn’t that just sum up the whole idea nicely? The novelty of a sketch embodies the entire idea of that Marc Jacobs is pursuing. It says that originality is extraordinary. 

Individuality is perfection. 

If you’d like to learn more about Perfect Intense by Marc Jacobs or pick up a bottle yourself, go to Marcjacobsfragrnces.com  

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