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By Jo Phillips

Trending Wellness Products for the Perfect Visage

Beauty is a highly variable concept because what might be considered gorgeous in one part of the world may very well be ordinary in another. There’s always going to be that ever-present and undeniable matter of perspective, which in turn is what makes the very concept of beauty so vast and inclusive. Keeping that perspective in mind, we are going to concentrate more on perfection here, because unlike the variable nature of beauty, perfection can be a lot more universal in nature.

What is a Perfect Visage?

The perfect visage or the perfect face is highly dependent on three primary factors, which are:

  • Facial symmetry
  • Symmetrical smile
  • Healthy skin

Scientific research has confirmed that there are certain facial structures that people, in general, find more attractive than others. The research also finds that as a general rule, we are all fond of symmetry. The more symmetrical your smile and facial structure is, the more attractive or perfect, you will look to yourself and others. However, without healthy skin, even the likes of Chris Evans or Margot Robbie could end up looking much older than they actually are, removing that much-needed lustre from their faces. Keeping these factors in mind, let’s take a look through some of the trendiest and highly effective products available in the market today that tend to the various aspects of facial perfection we just discussed.

Beard Care Products

Unfortunately, not every man is born with a sculpted jawline, which happens to be a major factor revealed as part of having the perfect visage. A beard, however, is extremely effective in making a man’s face seem more even or symmetrical than it actually is. This illusion of symmetry is also the reason why women often prefer men with a well-maintained beard; it creates that impression of the perfect visage. Therefore, beard care products such as beard shampoos, beard oils, and beard balms are all the rage among men today.

Clear Braces

The clear brace or the clear aligner is not a new wellness product, because these have been helping adults with teeth straightening for quite a few years now. Clear braces help us fix crooked teeth, overbites, and underbites, making it possible for nearly anyone to achieve that perfect facial symmetry in the lower region of their face. In extreme cases, teeth straightening with clear braces can also have medical and practical benefits such as a reduced chance of developing cavities, comfortable eating, as well as a much clearer speech than before. If that is applicable in your own case, then teeth straightening is more than just about the perfect visage, but physical and mental wellbeing as well.

People can’t see that you are wearing them, you can take them off if you need to, and clear braces will cost a lot less than lingual braces (those are placed behind the teeth to remain invisible). There are other variants of aligners such as ceramic braces, metal brackets, and lingual braces, but customised clear braces stand out as the most discreet and comfortable method for teeth straightening on trend today. However, these braces cost a lot more than ordinary braces, or at least they used to until online options came along.

To know how much clear braces cost and how you can order yours online, visit and get a free assessment. They are one of the few trusted online companies with this technology and experienced orthodontists that can deliver customised clear braces to their customers. They will send you everything you will need to take and send impressions of your teeth while guiding you through every step of the measurement process. Once they have all the data necessary for creating your customised clear braces for teeth straightening, you will receive the whole set at home, along with the necessary instructions for using them efficiently.

Natural cleansers are on-trend, particularly because the ingredients in them do not harm the skin in any way. Made from natural extracts such as papaya, pomegranate, kojic acid, azelaic acid, vitamin C and the major hydrating agent hyaluronic acid, those that long for perfect, supple skin, will find natural cleansing and hydrating products to be surprisingly effective. These fulfil the two most important requirements of skincare, which would be cleaning away the dead cells and ensuring deep hydration below the epidermis.

If you believe that your confidence, mental wellbeing, and medical health can benefit from any of the tends we just discussed, do go ahead and give yourself the boost you deserve. Keep in mind, though, that the perfect visage is still at its core, just another superficial concept. Use the products to your advantage if you can, but don’t worry about any of it in case you can’t do so right away either.

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