Perfume travel

By Noemie Hamon

See the open skies, feel the soft breeze on your skin and smell the scent of spring gently tickling your nose. Maybe it is a spice market bitting your senses or the wild forest smell that you are missing? We, after the covid lockdown, are discovering the world again. Let’s not forget though that travel via our imagination is, after all, one of the ways to discover the real world and live a cultural experience, for us if we still can’t leave home. Fragrance can take you anywhere your imagination will let you go. Our sense of smell is beyond powerful, but sometimes it takes a great perfume to take us on a journey. Read more about it in Perfume travel. Image Eddy Thormann

Mentally travelling may seem somewhat artificial right now, but it’s all some of us may have. Finally, from the stroll in the forest one hour away to the tanning session one country away, we miss travelling. Wouldn’t many of us love to be as free as a bird flying in open skies? Being able to go anywhere we want without restrictions. Imagine creating a perfume that allows us to travel, follow this bird who flew across the open skies looking for the perfect ingredients for this magical elixir.

This bird’s trip started in a grapefruit orchard. A ripe grapefruit fell from its tree and its scent exploded into the air. A fresh smell of acidity fused by a sweet flavour. Then the bird left the shade of his grapefruit tree and flew away under the rays of the sun.

The bird arrived next in a city. It went down and discovered an open-air market. It landed and for a moment, rested near a spice stand. Black pepper surpassed all the other spices; hot and powerful.

In research of a less active place, the bird flew above fields yet again and one destination held its attention. This hemp field was perfect for a little pause in the middle of nowhere. After resting its wings, he flew away in the sky.

After hours of flying, the bird needed a little rest. It was really warm and the bird found a stream. Near this little source, there was a Paulo Santo field. This tree traditionally used as incense doesn’t have big leaves but it was enough to protect the bird from the Sun.

Not far away, the bird who was still in search of the perfect ingredients landed on another bank of a river. He quenched his thirst before settling on delicious Vetiver. This plant known for its numerous benefits and oil was also a nice cosy little nest to take a nap. Finally, the bird’s perfume trip was finished, and the elixir’s ingredients founded; he flew off to other open skies toward new adventures.

Paulo Santo tree picture by Haplochromis – Own work

Each element the bird encountered is in the perfume launched by Byredo on May 1st 2021. Open Sky is the accomplishment of Ben Gorham, its creator, who wanted to explore and create a perfume inspired by the lockdown and the in-between. Open Sky is born as a concept of hommage to the experience of travel. These elements combined together are making the travel experience go further.

What is precisely Open Sky? As much for women as for men, this spicy limited edition is a new way to travel today, you can create your own artificial trip all around the world. Its top notes, Pomelo and Black Pepper awaken your sense of smell, then, your nose is enticed by the middle notes of Hemp leaves. Finally, at the end of the experience, you can smell the fresh herbal notes of Palo Santo and Vetiver. The whole elixir being a travelling experience in a bottle.

If you close your eyes and smell this perfume, this elixir will take you anywhere you want through the open skies. You can travel, carried by the fresh, woody and spicy notes linked to the realm of citrus.

Nowadays, the most difficult question about travelling is neither the price nor the way of transport. It is all about the destination you want. Perfumes are a way to transport yourself to where you have always wanted to go. Open Sky perfume is an opportunity to fly in the open skies and travel all around the world, as free as a bird.

To further discover Byredo, you can visit their website here.

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