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Phlur pronounced like the French word for flower (fleur) is the latest sensation in the magical world of scent. Their perfume, Missing Person caused a sensation on social media but alas no one in the UK could get their hands on it. Until now that is, Phlur has arrived at Selfridges with nine fragrances in all. Find out more in Phlur-tastic Here

Intrigue can come via a little bit of mystery, a book whose title grabs you but doesn’t give much away draws you in. So when a perfumer names a scent, Missing Person, it certainly piques an interest. But the name was not what drew this particular elixir to the top. Once posted on Tik Tok by a makeup artist to her over 13 million followers bottles of said scent sold out and created a huge waiting list and of course massive anticipation. But really this perfume does live up to its reputation, a floral musk composed by Constance Georges-Picotand that’s why it’s so loved by so many. But just who is Phlur and where did it seemingly come from?

So that brand started out life in 2015 but was taken over by Chriselle Lim in 2021. She is an American fashion stylist, lifestyle and beauty blogger, digital influencer, and founder of The Chriselle Factor. Born in Texas, and currently lives in Los Angeles. Once she took over the brand she reshaped and rebranded turning the collection into what Lim describes as

‘a series of my personal experiences expressed through scent’

Missing Person was Lim’s own story of heartbreak when she split with her husband, that longing for someone’s specific smell or a missing moment in time. Universally human themes are ultimately emotions we all go through, missing loved ones, missing intimacy, and missing bodily warmth.

And here’s the interesting thing. As we know each great perfume will smell fractionally different on each skin because we all are made up fractionally differently, the heat of our body the tone of our skin and hormones etc. In years past Musks (taken directly from animals, which we thankfully no longer do) were and still are extremely popular in scent. They mimic to an extent the sexual pheromones we produce in order to attract a mate.

They in many ways get as near as we can to mimicking sensual and sexual smells we as humans (and as animals) use to bodily entice each other. So there potentially lies the secret behind this amazing success. A sort of musk smell that captures our ever-ready hormones engaging them to strike into action.

When many think of musks in perfume they think sweet or a little vanilla, powdery skin like but really musks have a ‘dirty’ earthy’ slight warm spice to them. In this fragrance Missing Person, the notes highlight how this far more modern, bright, version of a floral musk can strike gold. It’s not soft powdery and mimicking teenage sweetness, but a grown-up sexy alluring fragrance.

It does open with Skin Musk, but add Bergamot Nectar and sheer Sheer Jasmine for the floral softness with the brightness of the citrus nectar stopping from sheer sweetness into sophistication. moving into the heart find  Fresh Cyclamen, sweet yet green facets of Neroli Blossom, and delicate yet delicious Orange Flower all settling in soft warm woods that caress Sandalwood Australia Oil, Blonde Wood, and White Musk. It’s sensitive it’s sexy and it’s like a huge from a loved one.

With nine scents in all, now available at Selfridges exclusively in the UK, the newest launch being Somebody Wood.

This is another scent that is not afraid of intimacy. A bright burst of bergamot floats into watery cyclamen ( a sort of powdery green watery cucumber-like note) and leathery saffron accords before grounding itself in creamy sandalwood and spicy amber. Cosy. Warm. Undeniably sexy. The perfumer of this spicy wood scent is Robert Gaudelli. It opens with bright Bergamot, Lemon moving into a floral heart with spices of Jasmine, Saffron, and Cyclamen crescendoing end with its finale of woods and softness Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk, Amber, Moss, Cedarwood

Apricot Privee comes next

A chic take on a fruity rich fragrance. Unexpectedly elevated. Rich top notes of pulpy Apricot and velvety Plum are kissed by the soft spice of Cardamon before drifting into a floral bouquet of Peonies and Jasmine. Grounded by a warm base of rich Tonka, creamy Sandalwood, and distinctive Agarwood. The genius nose behind this woody fruity scent is Jerome Epinette

Not your baby is playful and sexy, like a splash of empowerment this is a scent that stands for passionate women the ones that are not ashamed to turn heads when they walk into a room.

Opening with the brightness and soft spice of Cardamom, and Bergamot that melds with its floral heart of Mimosa, Violet and flourishes at the end with sweet soft notes of Tonka, Vanilla and Sandalwood. This Floral Spicy was again created by Jerome Epinette

You don’t need to be a Lost Cause to love this fragrance. Be adventurous, be bold, and be full of wonder. This perfume opens with a wow; fresh bright bang of Italian Bergamot, Cassis Leaves, Crisp Apple, and Rhubarb. A heart that celebrates the world of flowers via Fresh Freesia, Jasmine, and Lily of the Valley. The base brings back the sense of outdoors adventure, green and earthy via Maté Absolute, Orris Concrete, Vanilla Orchid and modern Mmbergris molecules. This ode to Fresh, Woody and Floral elixirs was created by Gil Clavien

Phloria, as it sounds is a celebration of white florals which opens to a symphony of brightness via Bergamot, Lemon, Wet Greens, Cyclamen vibrant and alive in moves into a heart of intoxicating Jasmine, Ylang Essential Oil, Golden Gardenia, and heady sexy Tuberose before its finally rests Vanilla, Skin Musk, Sandalwood, Ambrox, and delicate scent of pencil wood from Cedarwood. This most unexpected floral was created by Frank Voelkl

Ameline is the brand’s take on a rose fragrance, here fresh and modern. Again it sparkles as it opens with Italian Bergamot and flows into Rose with Pink Pepper to heighten the facets of the Rose where it then falls into a base soft earthy with Patchouli and light wood from Sandalwood. This modern floral was created by the nose Nathalie Benareau.

Hanami is a meeting between skin and wood all warm, seductive, and creamy.

It opens with the distinctive and much-loved scent of rip figs sitting with refreshing Bergamot then comes white florals floating deliciously with hazelnut then all gather pace as then up ends with soft Sandalwood, divinely grassy vetiver, sexy Musk. A coalition of sweet and spicy yet clean at the same time. This unusual woody floral was created by Nathalie Benareau

And finally comes Sandara but certainly not least!

Opening with the wild notes of Nepalese Timur pepper which has facets of herbaceous grapefruit, fresh air, ocean breeze and spicy here giving even more power with a note of forest air, verdant and calming. Its centre echos this calm and pepper with Violet, and Green Tea whilst its finish is chypre driven with Sandalwood, Cedar, Patchouli, and Oakmoss. A cool lush Floryal chypre woody scent created in the hands of Gino Percontino

These stories of each scent are like different moments to cherish, a person, a place an event. Each gives a new facet for the wearer to explore both through a life lived and a perfume sprayed.

Phlur launched exclusively in Selfridges in the UK find the link Here at

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