London Photo Art Fair

By Jo Phillips

Photo Fair 2013
Photo courtesy of Delilah PR

We have seen organisations, most notably The Affordable Art Fair, which have given everyone an accessible route to collectable art. The new Photo Art Fair has been set up to create that same accessibility exclusively for photography. Their manifesto is centred on ‘Intelligent collection’, which aims to provide a platform to connect photographers with established and potential collectors internationally.

The project is not restricted to one discipline or era and so a broad spectrum of photography is readily available. Photography both old and new includes fashion and travel amongst other themes and established photographers will sit next to emerging talents.

This show has been curated in London and one of the panel members responsible, Susie Babchick (who is photography consultant and trustee of the Corrine day Estate) said “The project will not only support a wider understanding of photography, but will also benefit a large variety of people and promote a dynamic interaction of photography from within the arts.”

Photo Art Fair 2-6th May.

For more information, visit

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