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By Jo Phillips

Benefits of Using a Rental Photography Studio. We do a lot of shoots at .Cent but we always hire a great studio space to shoot in.

While outdoor photography may be great, certain types of shoots require a professional studio. It could be that you’re attracting more clients, looking for a way to become efficient, or you have specific customer demands that can only be met in a studio. Owning a studio may not be affordable for all photographers, making renting an ideal option.

However, renting costs vary depending on location and type of photography studio, including fully furnished and average quality spaces. Discussed below are the benefits of using a rental photography studio.

1.   Prevents guerilla-style shooting

Guerilla-style shooting involves shooting videos, photos, and films in public or outdoor areas without permits. This may result in high fines and confiscation of your tools and equipment. To avoid getting caught, you may decide to do quick shoots, resulting in shoddy work that may not satisfy your clients.

Hiring a photography studio doesn’t require permits. It allows you ample time to do and redo your photography without worrying about getting caught by the police or paying hefty fines. Moreover, the renting process is quicker than waiting for permits to be approved.

2.   It allows control over external factors

When shooting in public spaces or the outdoors, you need flexibility for the lighting, weather changes, noise, curious passersby, and more which you have no control over. With a rental photography studio, you don’t have to worry about weather changes or onlookers, improving focus and enhancing productivity. When in the studio, it’s easy to maintain lighting consistency throughout a shoot, eliminating the need for reshoots.

3.   Convenience and comfort

Outdoor shoots expose you to weather elements. In addition, restrooms may not be close to the shooting location, causing inconveniences and wasting time. You might also require extended lunch and snack breaks. Hiring a photography studio offers you and your crew the comfort of controlled temperatures, private restrooms, and other essential amenities you might need. You may have access to in-house catering, especially when doing long shoots.

4.   Professional help

Studio photography might seem intimidating, mainly if it’s your first time. However, most of the people running these studios are richly experienced and ready to render help whenever you need it. They have answers to all your questions and can guide you when stuck. The studio staff can also help you with different equipment and techniques to improve your photography.

Since photography studio owners and staff host professional photographers with different experience levels from multiple genres, they learn a lot over time. When you rent a photography studio, you get to know various tricks, techniques, tips, and advice from the best in the industry.

5.   Enables background customization

Different clients come with various unique demands that aren’t easy to actualise in the outdoors. However, renting a photography studio offers you endless customisation opportunities. Thanks to technology, you can create any background, including the outdoors, without being physically there.

6.   It’s affordable

Building a photography studio is costly and requires a substantial initial cost. Furnishing it with state-of-the-art equipment is another additional cost. Due to technological advancements, new, advanced tools and equipment are constantly introduced in the market. However, hiring a photography studio allows you to pay for the required time, making it a suitable option.

To sum up.Rental photography studios are an ideal alternative to building and diversifying your portfolio as a photographer, filmmaker, or videographer. Consider renting one today to enjoy these benefits and more.

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