Pick up in Glasgow

By Jo Phillips

Things You Will Pick Up as a Student in Glasgow

Glasgow is the home of many great universities. As one of the biggest cities in Scotland, Glasgow currently hosts thousands of students who are pursuing their degrees and shaping the future. Moving to Glasgow to study is actually one of the best things you can do, simply because the city has so much to offer.

As you start settling in and prepare for your first year as a student in Glasgow, you will notice some new habits, experience and skills that you pick up. The city has a unique charm to it, and here are some of the things you will pick up as a student in Glasgow.

Good Accommodation

As a student in Glasgow, accommodation is never a problem. The city is filled with gorgeous flats and plenty of housing options for students. In fact, flats in Glasgow tend to be more spacious than a similarly priced space in other parts of the UK.

The best student accommodation Glasgow has to offer is just a couple of clicks away. For example, Collegiate provide accommodation in Glasgow, so good and affordable accommodation is not difficult to find. You have options like the Woodside House with its chic interior and warmth acting as the perfect study environment.

Accommodation is just the beginning. Most student flats are also surrounded by great places to eat, local bookstores, and great coffee shops that are also perfect for studying. You can never go wrong with accommodation in this city.

The Preloved Scene

Another great thing about Glasgow that you will immediately love is its incredible second-hand markets. The West End is home to shops and boutiques that offer preloved items of any kind. You can even browse through a selection of designer clothes and fashion accessories if you want, and they are all available at great prices.

The Glasgow Vintage Company is another spot to visit once you start loving the second-hand market scene of the city. The items you can find here are simply mind-blowing, plus there is a student discount for when you are ready to make a purchase.

One last spot to visit is the Saratoga Trunk. As the name suggests, Saratoga Trunk is home of the best vintage clothing in Glasgow. Similar to other second-hand stores and pop-up markets, you can take advantage of your status as a student and pick up gorgeous items at a discount.

A Munchie Box

One last thing you will definitely experience – and may come to love – as a student in Glasgow is the munchie box. Almost all takeaway restaurants in the city offer a munchie box with different contents. The box is filled with chips, onion rings, kebab meat, naan bread and other things.

The challenge is finishing the munchie box by yourself. As a student in Glasgow, it is a challenge that you need to conquer at least once. Besides, the munchie box is a great way to save and still have plenty to eat.

Glasgow is a great city for students. It offers a lot of experience and it is the home of many students chasing their dreams. The three experiences we covered in this article will be among the things you pick up as a student in Glasgow.

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