Pleasure’s Display

By Pamela Oladipupo

What defines humans? What determines decisions like who we love, when we smile or cry or why we give? Often advanced by drawing up extensive grammatical descriptions and complex emotions are explanations of how the journey through life moulds people and ideals. These are all very valid albeit, there are those who have encouraged us to put aside the dictionaries and embrace the simplicity that all we are is informed by pleasure or pain, the hedonist. Hedonism has strayed far from the intendment of its believers into a supposed display of debauchery. Pleasure’s display is judged immoral but it is inherently a balanced pursuit of everything which makes hearts beat in happiness. Find out more about Pleasure’s Display here.

Hedonism, a concept founded by Aristippus, a greek philosopher and student of Socrates, and later popularized by Jeremy Bentham originates from the greek word Hedone meaning pleasure. Flowing from the broad ideology that pleasure is good and pain is evil, hedonism preaches the maximization of pleasure over pain.

Pleasure can be physical, intellectual or mental and for purposes ranging from spirituality to carnality, other religions to paganism and individual to group etc. Beyond the misjudgement of excessiveness, it includes intrinsically valuable experiences like watching the waves or spending time with family. Hedonism triggers take on different forms and one such form is that of scents.

Different scents bring various forms of pleasure to diverse people. The smell of a lover or a family member brings happiness and compels excitement in situations where such scents announce the arrival of its owner. The smell of food may ignite drool-worthy anticipations of a sumptuous meal to come likewise, scents of earth, flowers, books, rooms, etc can invoke pleasure-related feelings or tranquil environments.

In the pursuit of pleasure, the essence of scents cannot be overemphasized. It cuts across all facets of life, activating the five senses by triggering various memories, displaying individual affinity to scents and enhancing the quality of hedonism. Initio, a French perfume company has created a namesake collection; Hedonist, re-emphasizing the joys of pleasure.

Initio founded in 2015 seeks to emphasize perfumes as an object of power. Made up of the Carnel blends collection, Absolutes collection, Black Gold project, Magnetic collections, Initiation collection and finally the Hedonist collection. Its Hedonist collection imbibes sublime natural ingredients in perfect harmony, creating feverishly pleasurable scents. Invoking alchemy, respect for tradition and science into scents, the collection employs the power of scents to feed positivity into its wearer.

It utilizes physical, mental and intellectual hedonism to bring a wholesome experience by boosting psychology or mental outlook, and physical representation of wearers while educating on the power of scents and the origin of ingredients. The collection features a trilogy of scents, Paragon, Musk Therapy and Rehab. All three scents are individual yet harmonious in their journey to self-fulfilment. While Paragon addresses the spiritual body, Musk’s Therapy focuses on the emotional body and Rehab on the physical body.

Paragon embodies the definition of the word paragon; a model of excellence and an example of quality. It penetrates beyond the skin to the soul and transports its wearers to a dimension of abundance, protecting and purifying them. Its main notes comprise Palo Santo and White Sage, sacred plants traced to Inca Shamans initiations creating a spiritual journey. Other main notes include Bergamot, Lavender, Plum, Black Pepper, Sandalwood and Agarwood.

Musk Therapy is a mood enhancer and a bottled alternative to experiencing paradises, an artificial paradise and its illicit substances. It creates harmonization for eroticism and happiness. With ingredients carefully selected and blended, Musk Therapy becomes a scent therapy for relaxation and well-being. While a blend of Natural White Sandalwood with an overdose of White and Pink Musk results in an Ultra-addictive and milky accord, the White magnolia activates the pleasure receptor and Cassis stimulates the energy, releasing a supplement of eroticism.
Other main notes include; Bergamot and Mandarin.

Rehab champions a return to the origin of pleasure in perfumery. It addresses the loss of direction and sight within perfumery, acting as a beacon back to the original and pleasurable path. Rehab expertly ingrains a harmonious blend of natural raw materials of Bergamot, natural Lavender, Black Pepper and various Spices balanced by natural Sandalwood and Musk perfecting a modern fougère olfactory experience. Other main notes include; Cedar Wood, Patchouli, All Naturals and Hedione.

It is rather fitting that Initio created a hedonist collection as the brand has imbued within its DNA, the desire to return perfumes to their origin, thus upholding a commitment to returning a section of hedonism to its true meaning and glory. Other collections which display attributes of hedonism include; Black Gold Projects, Carnal Blends and Absolutes.

Happiness in the majority of its variation is essential, affecting the quality of life and choices. It sums up a large percentage if not all of life’s pursuits. Away from misjudgement, Pleasure’s display remains essential towards the improvement of various facets of life notwithstanding the need for balance. Initio’s Hedonist collection becomes a valid example of how it improves physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. It is the holiday to be merry after all.

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