Poetry in Art

By Lilian Dabat

One of the ways for a fashion designer to enlarge the reach of its brand is to cooperate with other brands that present a universal difference in order to extend the reach of both brands. This is the case here, with the french designer Christian Lacroix Maison and the Portuguese brand Vista Alegre. You can read more here in Poetry in Art

This year, a new collaboration between the famous French fashion house Christian Lacroix maison and the famous table design brand Vista Alegre has been announced.

This collaboration, which features the Lacroix designs and colours while using Vista Alegre’s own decorative style, presents to the public three new sets, which are also intended to brighten up a table, can also be used as knife holders or placemats, and even some games.

The three new sets feature the floral, romantic and delicate motifs from Lacroix combined with the expertise of the Vista Alegre brand. 

Christian Lacroix, known in 1980s for his colourful designs and pattern mixes that were very steeped in culture, folklore, and fables bring his poetic touch to this collaboration with Vista Alegre thanks to his knowledge in the field of creative and architectural interior design.

This collection calls ‘fêtes Vos Jeux’ consists of ´ Domino romantique’, ‘ Lés dés amoureux’ and ‘ Jeu de mémoire blind date’ .

The name of this collection is a French play on words between the words “parties” and the verb “to do”. It means to make your wishes, but in a more humorous way by replacing the verb to do with the verb to celebrate.

At the same time, this is also the case, for example, of the Berluti empire, creator of leather goods and shoes, which recently joined forces with the French interior furniture brand Tectona to create the perfect outdoor pieces for this summer, combining unique characteristics, exceptional craftsmanship and high-end production.

This collection of 60 deckchairs with 23 folding beds will be available exclusively in around thirty Berluti stores around the world and on their online store from May 16th. This collection will also be presented in Shanghai in July and in Seoul from May 10 to 31.

You can find all the information’s about the collection Fêtes Vos Jeux here.

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