Poetry Walks

By Yasmin Ayture

Diving into the life and work of English poet, painter and printermaker William Blake in the most vivid way possible, London Poetry Walks loops the past into the present in 3D dimension; walking and talking in true drama and imagination. London Poetry Walks by Niall McDevitt resume on August 1st, set to be the first of five Sundays Of London Poetry Walks in August. Read more here in: Poetry Walks.

William Blake, English poet, painter and printmaker who lived between 1757-1827 is now considered a seminal and ground-breaking figure in poetry and visual arts of the Romantic Age, despite living his life with these talents largely unrecognised.

A cheerful walk around the city of London, the London Poetry Walks provide insight into the past whilst venturing in the modern world, bringing a vigour and riveting experience. You will walk the streets where Blake traversed, studied, lived and died, entering his world through the open ground of imagination, the streets that know him.

All London Poetry Walks are indeed guided by Niall McDevitt, one of the great ‘Blakeans’ of our age, a sage Irish poet who is brings the streets to life with his wild and exuberant personality. Walking in the shoes of others, prompted by the words of others, but lived through your own eyes in a multiple layered 3D experience of perspective. Overflowing with drama and imagination, the character of William Blake comes to life as you walk.

A unique walk series, as well as entering William’s Blake world for yourself, this August season will explore the relationship Blake had with the great revolutionist and political theorist Thomas Paine (1737-1809). Blake and Paine met through their mutual friend, radical publisher Joseph Johnson, meeting in his bookshop for the first time at 72 St Paul’s Churchyard, London. Through London Poetry Walks, you will imagine the moments of meeting, the unrecorded fragments of time that exist in the realm of the past, playing out over and over again in the resoluteness of history.

The walks through London’s past and poems usually ends in a well chosen pub. Find out even more information click Here, and you can book your place for the first walk on August 1st Here. If you have enjoyed reading Poetry Walks, why not read Emerging Stories.

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