Polly Morgan with Constant and True

By Jo Phillips


The work of artist Polly Morgan usually focuses on taxidermy – as those of you who have read her article in .Cent #13, The Spaces in Between Issue, will know. Her decision to stuff animals, though, is not quite merely a Damien Hirst-esque reflection on death: Polly often says that it is because she loves animals that she wants to preserve them.

Her designs for her latest collaboration with craft and homeware brand Constant and True definitely tone down her usual fascination with the combination of beauty and horror in the bodies of dead animals (it probably wouldn’t suit an average dining situation, really).

A pure expression of her love for living creatures, these 6 screen-printed napkins are decorated with pretty animal sketches. Constant and True often get involved with artists because they want their brand to provide everyday pieces of art for every house. £95 and you’ll be able to take a box-set complete with signature and certificate of authenticity at home: it’s not always you can wipe your dirty mouth on a work of art…

Get your own boxset at The Cross Shop, or on Constant and True. Read the article by Polly Morgan on Issue 13

Words by Chiara Rimella

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