Potatoes: The Unrecognized World Explorer

By Julia Mantooth

Roasted, fried, boiled, and mashed. From America to England via Peru, one cultural icon remains the same. The potato. Simple yet explosive is its impact. Read more here in Potatoes: The Unrecognized World Explorers

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This immensely well-travelled world explorer is often overlooked. First cultivated by Incan civilizations within the valleys of the Peruvian Andes, the potato phenomenon has endured the test of time.

As European explorers in the 16th century sailed to the Americas and back, they returned with knowledge of new possibilities. One of these possibilities was the growth of the simple potato crop. The potato immediately burst into European cuisine and became a defining feature of many classic dishes.

Brought back to the Americas when British pilgrims first entered North America, the crop became a staple for the American nation and, more specifically, the state of Idaho. The state’s rich, volcanic soil is perfectly suited for the production of potatoes.

Andes Mountain Range, Peru

Today, the crop is a superstar of cuisine in a wide variety of places. Their versatility has been investigated through many different cooking techniques and recipes. Whether they’re being marinated with spice in India or being wrapped within the dough of a Cornish pasty, their hearty, nutritious, and comforting makeup has kept millions of bellies full. 

This worldwide journey is being further perpetuated by Idahoan, an American brand made famous for its mashed potato mixes. Idahoan was established in 1951 after almost a century of the North American specialty being grown throughout the state of Idaho, the Burbank Russet potato.

Now, the brand is making its way through UK markets by introducing its instant mashed potato mix, Perfect Mash. The formula has been adjusted to better suit the palettes of UK customers. The baton of the humble potato has once again been passed back over to Europe by the Americas.

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In order to deliver the richness of Idahoan potatoes across the pond, the brand developed its own technique for dehydration. This process preserves the taste and texture of the potatoes used to make their mash mixes. Unlike your average instant mash mix, this mix is built to retain the flavor of freshly mashed potatoes.

Earlier this month, Idahoan took over the traditional pie shop M. Manze in Southwark to present their Perfect Mash. This American classic entered the old English atmosphere and made itself comfortable. Pastry chef Julie Jones concocted delicious chicken pies which paired perfectly with the smooth and flavorful mash. The mash mix takes just one minute to prepare and is still packed with buttery goodness.

Image Idahoan Foods

Much like the exploration that potatoes have embarked upon throughout history, Idahoan’s Perfect Mash aims to create a journey for consumers through the taste of a potato.

To find out more about Idahoan’s Perfect Mash, please visit here

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