Power; Ancient, Magic and Bottled

By Jo Phillips

‘A modern myth translating ones inner desire to transform and reconnect with nature. Lured by the beckoning call, Orpheus Incarnate.

There is magic in the air, say abracadabra and it’s there. Yes, that funny word you associate with children’s magic shows does actually have a very powerful meaning. Although its origins are not known it has a link to the Hebrew language and means ‘I will create as I speak”.  Why do I say this? because at the end of the day, there is a sort of magical element to a great perfume, it uplifts, it changes mood it delves into memory and emotion, as a sort of alchemy if you like.  And what is more magical than that?

There is one perfume company that this stands out as scent magicians and that is Curionoir.  Tiffany Jeans the lady behind this exceptional brand has a deep and rich Maori heritage that fuses through each perfume.  She grew up amongst men and women who practiced Taonga celebrations which means it is deeply seated within her, and there is almost a sense that she channels this to create perfumes and candles that go far beyond the norm.  She was also surrounded by craftswomen which is evident in the stunning glass she uses for her products.  There is a real sense of being rooted in the very power of the earth in the works she creates  Her latest fragrance is no less dynamic than what has gone before, one sniff and you are drawn into her rich heritage and beyond.

Meet Orpheus Incarnate, Extrait de Parfum.  Starting as a celebration of Orpheus of the Greek legend an artist, musician, and poet who was able to charm all and sundry,  legend says he even charmed stones with his music.  He tried to retrieve Eurydice, his wife,  from hell with his divine cords.  He stands for the archetype within the worlds of creativity, an important figure in a western understanding of mythology. So the perfume starts out as a celebration of nature; perfect nature, as a metaphor perfect creativity.

This unisex perfume extrait has notes that unfold such as, Carnation, fig, blond tobacco and Pimento Leaves which meet together as a green, earthy, spicy warm rich  caramely sensation,  with the addition of magically fresh fizz of Neroli that lifts the top to the meet with powdery sexy  Iris, a warm vanilla-almond  hit of  Tonka Bean absolute, alongside peachy warm Heliotrope, spicy fennel- like Licorice Root and soft Musk.

So this fragrance mixes herbaceous and spicy notes with a warm and sexy edge.  But it has depth, a depth that hints at his the love of nature and its spiritual connection to the earth and natural beauty.  It pulls you into its lair and holds you slightly mesmerised by its beauty.  Another wonderful journey of scent from this most mystical of makers.




To celebrate the new launch, Curionoir created a film featuring Georgia Pratt, New York-based New Zealand model, wearing a custom silk Melancholia dress by Kristine Crabb of Miss Crabb. Directed by Andy Morton and DOP’d by Andrew Stroud, the film features music by New Zealand band, Mermaidens.


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