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By Jo Phillips

Those little mischevious types at Gingerline have been up to it again.  Making interactive dining experiences that will throw anyone off-balance with their latest adventure.

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This latest night out (and weekends days for family events) is all about crossing dimensions through time and space.  Join in and for the event time/space become a cartographer to time mapping your way around the universe of space-time and dining. The brands new multi-dimensional dining experience is definitely for those adventurous types.  The newest night is simply called Chambers of flavours,  and they describe it as thus:- all information below is found on their website 

‘In 1882 imminent flavourologist Sir Lionel Stirling Grey, developed technology that would enable brave souls to journey to the dinner tables of the multi-verse. A fanatical philanthropist and ever-eager appetitist Sir Lionel possessed an unwavering expectation of home-like hospitality wherever he ventured. His Machine features a sequential shield separator and famous ‘destination dinnertime’ design.

Following Lionel’s disappearance at the turn of the 20th century, his Machine lay undiscovered until a crack team of Gingerliners, while scouting locations for dining revolutions, stumbled upon its existence in 2016. Lionel’s steam-powered prototype was restored to its former glory’

So as is the usual state of play with any Ginerline event once booked expect to get a text in the afternoon of the date booked letting you know where you are going. All we can say for now is that it is near Hoxton in the east end of London. Specifics are in the text.  Also, a warning before not to wear high heels, as this event may be a tad more physical than other previous events from the team.

 This physical experience is set within a sci-fi world where at each ‘dimension’ dinners will experience one of each of the five courses.  As ever the food lives up to expectations with delicious flavours and textures explored. Vegans, vegetarians and those with specific dining need are well looked after.

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Gingerline was started out by Suz Mountfort and Kerry Adamson, in order to create an adventurous dining experience, where art,  performance, design, and food, meet with the added level of a top-secret locations.  The newest evening lives up to previous expectations.

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Again as we can say very little let’s throw it back to them again:-

‘Somewhere in Hoxton, under the close guardianship of a group of multi-dimensional culinary cartographers from The Institute of Flavourology, the quest to map the multi-verse bravely continues’.

The five-course dinner dishes are paired with a creative storyline, complete with actors playing out the storyline of the sets which runs over a 120 minute ‘timelapse’. Think wormhole, think deep space but you don’t want to know too much as that will spoil the fun.

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Be warned previous evening have been a sell-out and so tickets are released in batches so best to keep track of things on their website  Make sure to dress in comfortable clothes arrive in time to have a pre-dinner drink, preparing yourself for what is ultimately quite an interactive experience.  The only caveat is, if you are the type of person that wants a sitting quite dining experience then this is not for you, but for all others that feel ready for a time, space and a food adventure then this is for you.

All information is found at their website chambersofflavour.co.uk/map

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