Power; Elephants and Lipsticks

By Anoushka Pinto

No elephants don’t wear lipstick, but who would have thought a lipstick and an elephant could be friends?

The largest mammals to walk the earth, Elephants evidently share similarities to several human characteristics. They are particularly known to be smart and highly social animals, with a vast capacity to learn. Their intelligence knows no bounds, as most of their behaviour is learned rather than instinctive. It is what makes them a remarkable species of wildlife.

For centuries, elephants have been imperative to the cultural heritage of various Asian countries, particularly India, Thailand, and Vietnam. Historically, they have been associated with royalty as magnificent additions at weddings, parading the wedded regents around the kingdom. They were often (and to some extent still are) handy-helpers with things like agriculture and construction.

But did you know there are fewer than 50,000 Asian Elephants surviving in the isolated regions of the Indian subcontinent? Elephants have been on the radar for poachers who hunt them for their tusks, a rich source of ivory. Although ivory trade has been banned, it hasn’t been completely eliminated and elephants are still at risk. The diminishing figures have placed them on the IUCN Red List for being endangered.

Ganesh Raghunathan

Image Ganesh Raghunathan

A leading factor to their endangering is their habitat, or lack thereof. Their habitats have depleted by 90%, taken over and populated by humans. Their homes have been replaced by tea and coffee plantations and transportation routes have obstructed their migration.

Luxury make-up brand Chantecaille has stepped in to support a cause that intends to restore peaceful human and elephant relations. They have teamed up with Elephant Family, a non-governmental charity organisation that works towards saving elephants from the brink of extinction.

Chantecaille’s new limited edition summer lipstick collection ‘Lip Veil’ helps with the sales contributing towards Elephant Family, for preserving the elephant species in the farming regions of India’s South Karnataka district of Hassan. The aim is to re-establish common ground and a peaceful co-existence between elephants and humans.

Lip Veil is available in three distinct shades, all inspired by the bright and joyous colours that represent India – right from the various flowers that bloom throughout the country to the festivals that are jubilantly celebrated.

As described by Chantecaille, its new limited edition collectible lipstick trio is ‘semi-sheer with a creamy, weightless feel, it kisses the lips with a nourishing gleam that feels deliciously smooth and silky.’ Infused with FairWild-certified, organic Baobab oil, Wild Mango and Argan oil, it is a lightweight lipstick that glides on to the lips like smooth velvet, leaving a vibrant, moisturising tint.

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The lipsticks are encased in a magnetic-click square case, matching the Lip Veil shade it contains. The lipstick lid features a white outline of their signature marching elephant, a rather stunning detail. Lip Veil is available in the shades Frangipane (vibrant coral pink), Pink Lotus (shown below, a warm rose), Mandevilla (vivid watermelon pink).


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