Power; everyone deserves JOY

By Nikki Narayanan

Are you looking to the secret of dressing with creativity, sensuality and wit? Your answer is Christopher Kane.

The clothing label launched by Christopher and Tammy Kane has been challenging fashion ideologies and ideas of beauty since 2006. Christopher Kane has experience from taking something so ordinary and making it extraordinary using his ingenious ways. 

Winner of the Vogue Fashion Fund and 4 British Fashion Awards, including New Designer of the Year and later British Fashion Designer of the Year, Christopher Kane has been ruling the fashion industry with his eccentric styles. 

The label launched right after Christopher’s award of Central Saint Martin’s MA show. Throughout the next decade, during London Fashion Week shows like Domestic Services, Sex in Nature, and More Joy are described as unpredictable and provocative. Christopher Kane is always changing his style and staging something never seen before yet still holding the signature device that makes his label proudly his. 

Christopher Kane has now proudly presented ‘The More Joy Summer Store’. This new collection capsule is an assortment of everyday objects that remind you that the summer is yours and joy can be achieved. 

christopher kane 2

Sex, special, and more joy are presented on every single item serving as a mantra and changing the everyday objects into embracing positive declarations reminding you to enjoy the summer. If you are in the hot sun, on a beach, staying at home, all your hot weather needs are handled. Summer essentials like baseball caps, tote bags, fans, phone covers and beach towels can be bought individually or in a More Joy bundle altogether. 

Ranging from different colours and looks, hurry up as More Joy is available until September 1st. Options of online shopping or in-store shopping at Christopher Kane Mount Street are both viable while getting your summer look and needs. 

This summer, be more open to JOY and go ahead and purchase the collection.

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