Power Her Choices; The New Humanitarian Campaign from United Colors of Benetton

By Jo Phillips

Environmental issues, human dignity, and social initiatives. These are just some of the topics which The Benetton Group, one of the world’s best-known fashion companies, campaigns for in order to demonstrate their continuing efforts to build a responsible fashion brand.

All women and girls have the right to decide freely whether and when to have children. This is the core message that United Colors of Benetton and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) are sending to the world in their latest campaign.

Organized by the UK Government, the UNFPA and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a Family Planning summit in London will address the international crisis and gain global commitment to provide better family planning and to support and protect women from unintended pregnancies worldwide.

The latest outcome of an already established collaboration between the UNFPA and The Benetton Group is the new humanitarian campaign, Power Her Choices, which directly addresses the scourge of unwanted early pregnancy. The feature image of the campaign is a light-bulb in the shape of a womb, “It’s a metaphor of how the work of UNFPA can help spark a new awareness in young women worldwide,” said Carlo Tunioli, Fabrica’s Chief Executive Officer.


Developed by The Benetton Group’s in-house research centre, Fabrica, the fundamental Power Her Choices campaign aims to gain additional global partners to commit to this issue with one common goal in mind: to enable 120 million more women worldwide to gain access to modern contraception by 2020.

As a research centre Fabrica provides a cross-disciplinary commitment where communication interacts with sectors such as the economy and environmental sciences. The Power Her Choices campaign is a call to global action – saving millions of girls and young women, notably in the developing world, from premature motherhood and poverty.

The campaign will be supported by an accompanying video, installations and GIFs which can be shared on social media. One of the GIFs to capture the campaigns spirit appears to read “I will become a mother”, but more light bulbs flicker on and off showing the underlying message “I will decide to become a mother.”


The Power Her Choices campaign is not the first amongst Benetton’s socially conscious projects. The Women Empowerment Program is their long-term sustainability program aimed at supporting the empowerment of women worldwide and in March 2017, the group celebrated International Women’s Day by launching their United By Half campaign which promoted gender equality.

It is true to say that everyone is united by the Colors of Benetton.

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