Power: McQueens meets Miller Harris

By Deeksha Sachan

Across the centuries, the art of candle making has been significantly crucial to the history of civilisations. The Greeks honoured Goddess Artemis’s birth by lighting them, and Indians burned cinnamon candles in their temples.

Creating the perfect aura of heat and fragrance invigorates the mood of any room. To celebrate the brilliance of this art, London’s iconic perfumer Miller Harris has collaborated with the fragrant magic of the florists,McQueens.

Isn’t the beautiful blend of aromas we get at our florist’s the most breath-taking experience? That combination of flowers where they meet with the freshness of water and the smooth, earthy woody notes of branches and stems. This collaboration works, like any great fragrance, to take you back to an exact time and give you this unique experience, telling a story through each of the three fragrance candles they have created together.

“The partnership has now turned full circle with candles which interpret their world as I experience it. I’m passionate about telling stories through our scents, so this is a hugely satisfying project for me.” – Sarah Rotheram, CEO Miller Harris.

However, flowers tell their own stories emblematic of characters and passions. They allow communication of sentiment.  Think of the quoted Byron words in Henry Phillips book Floral Emblems: “By all those token flowers, that tell what words can never speak so well”

As for the three candles, they break down as follows:-

Petal storm

It is like walking past the florist’s shop slowing down, closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and getting lost in the scent of flowers, leaving you mesmerised and reminding you of a delicate dream. Lilies in their language, take you to a beautiful moonlit lakeside scene. Hit by the zesty scent of mandarins and bergamots, the soft smell of water lily and wisteria breezing through, add a splash of spice and maybe something satisfyingly sweet to eat. That’s what the collaboration’s first candle Petal Storm takes you through, the freshness of the white blossoms leaving you drawn to the sensual, sweet and warm notes of musk. Moreover, your soul enriched by the opulence of amber.

Green Stem

Freshly sanded floors and sawdust, if these are the notes that make your senses sing, then you’ll love cedarwood, sandalwood and patchouli– raw and simple, teamed with an uncomplicated and fresh blend of herbs such as rosemary and peppermint. The second candle, Green Stem reminds you of the satisfaction of the morning walk breathing in the freshness of the dew on fallen stems and leaves, the with mild calming and serene scents of sandalwood, creating a green, powdery and peaceful fragrance, transporting you away from the city.

Water Wood

Last but not the least, the bittersweet scented candle, Water- wood is an evocative union of the bitter notes like olibanum and artemisia with comforting notes of lavender, still leaving you nuzzling into the deep earthy scent of patchouli. It contains an exotic combination of the intense patchouli which is often associated with Indian hippies or Krishna followers and the sharp sugary lavender with origins in the Roman empire. The scent flourishes life into your soul, creating jewels of renewal.


“Miller Harris is one of my favourite brands so I’m truly pleased to be working with them on this incredible candle collection that tells the behind-the-scenes stories of McQueens in three beautifully fragrances candles” Kally Ellis, CEO McQueens.Truly the collaboration of a master perfumer and the extraordinary florist is pure magic, somewhat recreating the therapeutic essence of a scented candle in their unique way. Sitting on your chair, each candle from the collection transports you to the most exotic experience of your day. The candles vegan, free from phthalates, artificial colourants, parabens and formaldehyde. With high levels of natural raw materials and an elegant ceramic pot. Once you’ve enjoyed your candle, the container acts as the perfect vase for your personal favourite stems.

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