Power; Small is in

By Nikki Narayanan

11.85 mm in diameter, incredible detail, beautiful gems, and all on a round watch. Can you even imagine that? Well, it exists on the Blancpain Ladybird Secret Garden watch.

When the watch was first created in 1956, the saying was, “if the Ladybird was made any larger, it would be too small”. Now I know what you are thinking, that statement is contradicting itself, but that is not the point that Blancpain is making. The Ladybird is the worlds smallest round watch made for women. If it was made bigger, then it would just be a really small guys watch, fitting well in the feminine collection.

By 1993, the watch has developed itself, growing better and technologically advancing. From the calibre 610, the new hand-winding movement, to the calibre 615, new self-winding, the Ladybird continues to take great steps forward. 

The feminine collection is designed for the particular period in time of the 1950s where petite and posh accessories were the fad. Blancpain embraces the delicacy of the feminine charm by bringing back the small Ladybird Secret Garden watch that is inspired by nature. 

Blancpain infuses the vibrant green into the slim satin waistband. The beautiful green illustrates the purity of the nature resembling grass and trees. Showing off the silhouette with its self-winding calibre, the timepiece is designed with great intensity and detail. In the white gold casing, the dial interface contains a fluttering butterfly that unveils its sapphire gemstone wings as it flutters. 


Did you ever read The Secret Garden by Burnett:

Mary Lennox, the young 10-year-old girl who had no consideration for others was orphaned after her parents were killed. After being sent to live with her uncle who was never at home, Mary was shut in her room and told not to look around the house. She hears about a beautiful garden that has been locked up and she is determined to find it. After finding it, she sees the overgrown rose bushes and vines. She begins to tend to the garden, continually clearing and weeding the area. Throughout the time, Mary goes through a transformation of consideration and kindness. She then brings her sick cousin into the garden and he suddenly gets better after years. The absentee uncle returns to see the bold transformation made and starts to embraces his family and have a new outlook on life.

I bring up this story because of the message that it sends. Mary had changed when taking care of a garden because she was finally doing something that does not just benefit herself. The power of nature has a transformative quality that took over Mary. Blancpain designed the Ladybird watch to resemble nature because of how powerful it is and how the colours can change people and transform them.

The Ladybird is the alluring round watch that is fit for your summer wishes.

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