Power; The Scent of a Chap

By George Kowalik

“Flâneur” – a man who saunters around, observing society. Synonymous with “stroller”, “lounger”, “saunterer” and “loafer”.

Or, in other words: a welcome model for the 21st century frantic to aspire towards. We’re all observers, but for most of us this comes with living at 100 mph, being over-organised, juggling too much… and slowing down to a saunter too little.

Men’s lifestyle magazine The Chap channel exactly this idea. Founded in 1999, the magazine is the longest serving in Britain dedicated to “the gentlemanly way of life”, as their site declares. Relaunched in May 2017 with a larger format, The Chap is “now seen as both a stalwart of old-fashioned values, and paradoxically also the pioneer of new trends in fashion.”

While it devotes most of its energy to reportage, the company also releases its own products. To coincide with its 100th edition and 20th anniversary, the magazine has launched its own signature perfume: ‘Flâneur by The Chap’. Coming in a 50ml glass bottle and absinthe-green presentation box, the fragrance for men has a base of amber, patchouli, vetiver and vanilla, sprinkled with middle tones of violet, iris, geranium and rose. It contains top notes of bergamot, verbena and pink pepper. The Chap describe its overall ambience as one “of elegance… as befits a flâneur”.

The Chap fragrance

The fragrance is inspired by the famous solitary urban wanderers of 19th century Paris, and this weekend The Chap are inviting the general public to travel back in time and become one themselves. On Sunday 14th July, The Grand Flâneur Walk is scheduled to take place: “an immaculately dressed mass-saunter through the busy streets of London”.

The route begins at the Beau Brummell statue on Jermyn Street, but has no further plans, nor a destination. There are events running simultaneously in LA and Düsseldorf. Londoners and more are urged to put down their smart phones, ignore google maps and embrace an unstructured day of communal fun in a big city. They events offer a welcome respite from 2019’s ringing, buzzing, swiping and pressing. The opportunity to cut yourself off, for a change.

The events, like the perfume inspiring them, reflect everything The Chap stand for: existing in a sealed, airtight bubble of old-fashioned patience and a slower way of life. The demographic? Anybody that needs a break – which is all of us, at one time or another.



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