Power; The Scent of the Bear

By Nikki Narayanan

The carriage stumbled over the cobblestone street, jouncing up and down. The year was 1799 and the spring flowers had just started to bloom. The air was crisp and there was not a cloud in the sky. Inside the carriage was James Atkinson, an aspiring young man gazing out the window and ready to make his mark on London Town. 

“So why are you in town sir?”, the driver called out. 

Reaching into his pocket James pulled out a list of recipes and a sizable amount of rose-scented bear grease balm. “I’m here for business” he responded.

“Are you travelling alone?”, the driver proceeded to ask.

“No of course not”, James uttered. “My lucky charm is sitting right beside me”.

At the moment, an enormous growl took place. Astonished, the driver looked backward. He saw it, a brown bear. 

The history of the bear was set.  And it stayed, for a while right perched right outside the doors of Atkinson’s shop, which young James Atkinson duly set up for his different fragrances.  This growly brown bear later became the logo of the company.

Atkinson’s reputation was established when customers came from all over to stock up on their bear grease (used in different hair oils) along with their scents for the London social season. Starting to grow in reputation, Atkinson created an English Eau de Cologne that differed from the standard Italian scents used by the most fashionable of society at the time. 

The cologne scent was described as innovative, fresh yet still amiable and tangy creating an uproar of customers wanting more. Atkinson’s popularity spread as far as King George IV who proclaimed Atkinson as the official perfumer to the Royal Court of England after smelling just one whiff.

From its first location on 44 Gerrard street to 24 Old Bond Street, Atkinsons remained a popular brand until it went into hibernation, (not unlike bears perched outside of shops.) The brand relaunched itself back in 2013 with a whole new line of products for both men and women. 

Now in 2019 comes some new and exciting launches:

The Other Side Oud: In the early 20th century, Hussein Bin Ali, the Sharif Of Mecca, had been looking for aid from Britain. Stopping on the way, he had visited Atkinson’s shop. He was so intoxicated by the different smells that Atkinson sold that the prince had manufactured his own new fragrance. This new fragrance was the symbol of a new union found between the Middle East and Europe. In the Arabs world, Oud represents Earth’s heavenly essence, and the fragrance symbolises the scent of independence. With the past woody scents of Oud combined with the new, modern, and intoxicating elements, the other side of Oud takes warm cinnamon, fresh cardamom, and juicy ginger followed by Geranium and Co‑ee Flowers with a final woosh of vanilla absolute which merge it to make a spicy cocktail that pushes you through the parallels of past and present. 


Tulipe Noire: There once was a man named Cornelius Van Baerle whose biggest dream was to cultivate the black tulip. He researched and studied for years and finally succeeded. A short while after, Cornelius was deceived by his envious rival who falsely accused him of high treason, which resulted in his being sentenced to prison for life. While in prison, Cornelius fell in love with the jailer’s daughter, Rosa, who he bestowed the black tulips secret to. Keeping her promise, she kept the black tulips lineage alive by secretly growing the flower. Eventually, the tulip reached Atkinsons and the scent that marks, transcendental and eternal love, was created. With spicy, warm coriander, and sparkling, fresh bergamot combines with precious jasmine and warm tuberose, the floral cocktail persists through generations. Tulipe Noire’s refreshing, woody, floral blend will catch in your heart and stay there forever as an expression of eternal love.

atk 2

Platinum Blend: The magnificent scent of platinum blend was inspired by Antonio De Ulloa who was on a mission to determine the Earths shape but instead discovered the most expensive precious metal: platinum. Atkinsons latest fragrance, the fusing of soft almond and notes of pepper with a lavish jasmine flower, and fresh germanium creating depth and warmth of newly refined and uplifting fragrance.

atk 3_

Mystic Essence Oils Collection: Atkinsons new collection now contains luxurious oils: Oud Save the King, Oud Save the Queen, Triple Extract, and Rose In Wonderland. Silky and delicate, oils moisturize the skin when applied while also including the scent of fragrances. 

Oud Save the King

Combining the woody scents of Atlas cedar, Indonesian Gurjun balm, Paraguayan Gaiac wood, and Himalayan Cypriol, the scent can brighten anyone’s mood by just one whiff. 

Oud Save the Queen

Traditionally associated with a more feminine fragrance, Oud Save the Queen contains the exquisite notes of Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Earl Grey Bergamot, and clove while also using Indonesian patchouli and woody Norlimbanol to alter any mood. 

Rose in Wonderland

Those who cherish the softness and purity of roses will fit more with the feminine scent of Rose in Wonderland. With the combinations of blackcurrant top note, rose absolute, and geranium heart, this fragrance slowly gives way to the warmth of amber and vetiver.

24 Old Bond Street Triple Extract

For those who are bold and hold tenacity, this scent opens with a fresh infusion of juniper berries and cardamon, holding the secret of florally rose scents. Using the name of the old location of Atkinsons shop, this fragrance shows a connection to past history. 

The illuminating scents of these oils can be applied to your neck and hair along with passing the odour onto your clothes so you feel intoxicated by your smell all the time. 

As with any great scent, there is a good story, in this case, quite the fierce one.

akt 4

Atkinsons 1799 available from July onwards www.atkinsons1799.com/


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